Story Squared (Android) Review

Story Squared is a puzzle game for Android created by Frustrated Factory where you fit different shapes together on the board in order to complete the levels. The game boasts of new levels each week with some new level types to come every so often. Note the developer commented on a similar game I reviewed with a link to this and I felt like doing a very short review.

The menu gave me a rather worrying feeling about the quality of the game, it wasn’t terrible by any means but it hadn’t been tested with other devices as the top and bottom is cut off slightly and there are write bars on either side. I don’t know how you program that stuff though so its not important, at least the logo looked alright.

The tutorial was simple enough to read but it feels like there should of been a frame around the area to make it look a bit nicer and the About section was empty for some odd reason. There was also a lack of music altogether, I’d of honestly been ok if they had searched for some free to use relaxing music or something.

Before you get into gameplay you’re actually shown this map of sorts which I guess is alright but it’s not really needed to be entirely honest, at least choosing levels was easy and it was instantaneous as well. I did feel like it’d be nice if the background used different colors since they seemed to clash with the pieces a bit too much. As for gameplay though it was put together alright and rotating pieces was as easy as tapping on them.

The lack of music once again had a negative effect on my opinion, there were sound effects and even a a tiny tune when you win but not anything while you’re playing it, after all while it didn’t look like it would last long some of the levels are actually challeging and provided satisfaction when completed. I managed to get through most of them and was quite happy about it, the concept of having levels where some of the bricks weren’t needed was a great additional challenge. However that kind of made the flaws stick out more.

Overall its a nice little game and perhaps worth a try but it’d be much nicer if they added some sort of relaxing tune during the gameplay and fixed the screen sizing issue. If you want to try it yourself and perhaps even try convincing them the link is here.


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