Glow Hockey (Android) Review

Glow Hockey is a Table Hockey (?) simulation for Android created by Natenai Aryatrakool, the gimmick being that the game uses bright “glowing” colors.

You could already tell before you opened the game that it would be quite simplistic but the 10 million+ downloads meant there was defintely something to enjoy. Most menu options were ignorable and even most of the settings since they were mostly toggles for things like sound and particles but you could also change the puck and ball as well as athe theme. 

Sadly though there are only 2 themes and the default glow theme merely lets you choose between colors while the second is a christmas theme which is not something you’d want to use at the time of writing this (I’d show you a pic but this is a very short review). Single Player lets you choose between 4 difficulties ranging from easy to insane while 2 player lets you go against a friend using the same screen (so definitely not recommended for phones).

I was winning before trying to get a screenshot…

Getting into the game you kinda wish the graphics had been at least slightly update, it honestly felt like there had been little to no effort put in and there was no background music anywhere either (not even free to use stuff). Doesn’t really affect the actual gameplay but you can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Gameplay-wise its exactly what you expect, the ball goes where you want it to go and the opponent attempts to hit it back or practically destroys you if you idiotically choose insane difficulty. I found it a bit weird that it was first to 7 though. I also felt that perhaps the pucks and even the goals were too big as if the game had perhaps been made for phones. Didn’t help that most of the opponents goals were actually scored by me. Still enjoyed myself though for the time I played it, even messed around trying to go against myself in two player.

Overall its an ok game and worth getting if you get bored easily while traveling or something. Its small enough that you could honestly just download and leave it there on any ok Tablet or better.


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