Trump’s Wall – Build it Huuuge (Android) Review

Trumps Wall is a casual game for Android created by The Blu Market where you place various blocks on top of eachother to create the tallest ‘wall’ possible. Some people may recognise the gameplay style from a certain popular game where you feed a king cake.

Not that I had any belief that the games would be good but it was worrying that on top of insanely simplistic options the leaderboards one doesn’t actually work and just keeps resigning you into Google Play Games. There’s also the fact that the graphics aren’t that great especially noticeable on Trump himself and the music wasn’t something I really care about.

You do get a hint of this games humor early on though with him spouting some stuff when you start the game and if you leave it, nothing that made me laugh but I guess it was something.

The game starts as soon as you press play and once again the graphics don’t seem very good. As for controls they’re quite simple with buttons at the bottom. It was obvious straight away that unlike the game with the cakes its better to go slowly and make the wall as wide as possible. In fact you had to be really careful as the game actually has physics where putting one on the edge of another would just cause it to fall off and the entire tower could fall over at once too.

Practically every time you dropped something he’d say a random quote and honestly I couldn’t tell if they were trying to be funny or not, there was also things on the blocks themselves with one of the more noticeable examples being Hillary Clinton with a Pinocchio style wooden nose.

However I found myself getting alright scores by merely rushing it as tall as possible before it falls over, its not like I wasn’t trying because I definitely was but the fact I didn’t have any other scores to compare mine to I had no idea if I was actually doing any good and therefore wasn’t as motivated. Also note Trump goes bald after a little bit of stacking and the bird flies on his head once you’ve lost.

There is also a one time per game stay alive button which throws a video advert at you but considering the game wasn’t that good and the fact it already has banner ads and full screen picture ads there was no way I was going to use it. This game is the sort where it takes a few minutes to experience the whole thing and because there is no competitiveness there is no reason to go back to it.

Overall its quite a generic game with some political ‘humor’ which idiotically cuts its own replayability off by failing to implement leaderboards properly. Not worth trying at all.


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