Now to be honest this post is partially for me as well to remind myself but it might also be useful for anyone that wonders what I can do or perhaps why I haven’t done something for a while. Note by future goals I not only include actual things I want to try but also possible donation goals, however I’m not asking for anything since I want to earn it. Lets start anyway.

Blog Reviews

There are so many different reviews that I felt it needed its own section. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with what I can review afterall. Some things I’ve only ever done once while others have been deleted multiple times. Lets go through everything.

Pictures make posts less boring 🙂

Firstly the most common thing on my blog used to be retrogaming reviews and even without a PC it’s possible to play plenty of retro games (e.g. SNES, Genesis, GBC), the only reason you haven’t seen many lately is the controller I used stopped working meaning I’m forced to use a Bluetooth keyboard and honestly I feel my reviews will be slightly biased and not entirely truthful but I would do them if requested. Also I have done a few reviews of things I can’t get proper screenshots of like the recent review of an Xbox game. If I had a future goal it would be to get a wireless controller that works on my Android Tablet with the Ultimate goal being a PC and capture card (for stuff you can’t emulate).

I haven’t stopped gaming reviews altogether though as you may notice I’ve reviewed plenty of free Android games as well. Sadly its not that I don’t want to review them but I never get suggestions because I only play free games, my PayPal apparently doesn’t work with the store so even if I had money on therd it’d be useless. Future goals for that would be possibly upgrade the Android Tablet to a bigger one with more Ram but honestly I’d love to get a preowned iPhone one day to increase the amount of mobile gaming reviews I can do (I have an old Nokia Lumia 620 for Windows Phone games to review).

I have a small book called The Art of Space Jam somewhere.

As well as gaming I’ve also done a few movie reviews and mostly focused on older films that can be streamed to my Tablet for free, however because of this it’s another case of no one wanting to suggest anything and me being indecisive could never decide what to do next. There’s also the thing about me not caring about actors which people might not like. If I do manage to get back into doing them my Future goals would be to aqcuire funding to buy newer movies digitally somehow and review those.

Thing is though I’m not actually a big movie watcher, I’m actually a huge anime fan and I have tried to do anime episode reviews before but they do take far more time than you’d expect. Especially since I felt they needed something unique so I decided to add a manga comparison at the end of each one where I note the differences (obviously spoileriffic) and decided what the better of the two was (usually the anime). There’s not really any future goals with this although I’d benefit from being able to write the review as I’m watching it so perhaps it’d be to fix my super old PC or something.

Because of this I’ve held off on trying to review TV shows, I don’t really watch any but there’s been a few that have caught my interest that I want to check out at some point and even a few things I feel like reviewing out of boredom. I have no idea what sort of goals I would have though for it if I did start, perhaps the same as the movies one where I somehow acquire the money to pay for cheap-ish boxsets or something.

There are other kinds of reviews I’d like to try in the future though, in fact one of you might remember when I got bored and reviewed a pack of sweets I was given. Thing is I’d love to do that more often, at least it’d give me an excuse not to get the same sweet on the rare occasion I buy one. You may note there isn’t actually a Doritos review yet for example. A future goal for this would be to find a way to review stuff without donations and further on perhaps try to get the funding for one of those monthly crates of stuff.

There’s also toys and merchande that I’d love to review if I had the money, I have yet to actually write a review of any though. I have some super cheap Pokémon knockoffs on the way though so hopefully it goes alright. Future goals would be to gain the funding to buy other amusing knockoff or cheap stuff to review and perhaps later get one of those monthly boxes (again).

YouTube Videos

Some people might note that my channel is basically dead and that’s because pf the same reason my gaming reviews have gone down, a lack of a controller makes games quite hard. Hwever on top of this he audio plats up a lot and you need plenty of spacs for the recording. There’s also the fact that one of my gaming related series called GodMode where I cheat in old games is totally impossible without a PC since Android Emulators don’t have cheat search or Lua scripting support. The dream future goal would be to get a PC good enough to emulate, record and perhaps stream games from the Wii era and before.

I do try other videos though, I plan on recording the Pokémon knockoff toys I’m getting once they arrive for example and some of my opinion videos (while rare) actually have ok views. Not really any future goals for this other than getting a PC, I’d do other videos but random gameplay in the background is not something you should do all the time.

In fact if I ever found a way too I’d be totally fine with making video versions of most of the stuff on my blog like the movie and game reviews. The reason I don’t now is because videos take forever to upload via an Android Tablet and even longer via the old phone I record stuff with. So the future goal would be to simply find a way to reliably try this out.

I do other stuff though that doesn’t always go on my blog or channel but I feel is worth mentioning.

The first is photography and honestly the picture above is practically a lie, barely any picture I take actually comes out that good with the ones I took of her (she’s a neighbour’s Border Collie called Lucky) being an exception. Unless of course you seen all the sort of ok flower pictures and plentiful pictures of bugs and insects I’ve taken. I don’t even like bugs but most stuff is too fast for my phone and stuff usually turns out terrible without flash. Future goal would be to get one of those really cool sounding but expensive £120 cameras with loads of zoom so I don’t need to keep missing photo opportunities, we used to have baby squirrels living close by for example.

Second would be drawing which is something else that doesn’t get to the blog but honestly in this case I’m still practicing to not draw terribly and the above picture is one of the best lately. I’m kind of confused where to start improving but I do still have some future goals. Said goals being that once I improve a bit more I’d like to keep up to date art equipment instead of the box of really old mix and matched coloring pencils I have at the moment.

Lastly there’s story writing, something none of you would expect because I keep gettinv writers block. I posted one chapter once and it got no feedback and honestly I needed that to carry on since I’m not confident in my skill. My future goal is to actually finish a story (with people’s feedback hopefully) and sell it digitally. I doubt anything I write would be published as an actual book afterall.

Thanks for reading anyway, I know this post was completely pointless. Feel free to suggest what I should try doing or making though, it doesn’t cost anything to make a suggestion you know.


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