Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter (Xbox) Review

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter is a 2002 combat flight game for the Xbox developed by Secret Level and published by Lucas Arts. It is based on the well known Star Wars universe and has its own small storyline focusing on Adi Gallia who has been sent by the Jedi Council “to investigate disturbances in the Karthakk system”, its set around the time of Star Wars: Episode II. Note pics are shitty camera photos.

Playing on an Xbox 360 I noticed a lot of lag (especially going between menus) and the fact there were black bars where the game is in a 4:3 ratio but honestly I was happy that it worked. The graphics definitely looked like they aged though. The menu seemed slightly glitchy too. I went straight into checkng the options first as I usually do, the bonus menu doesn’t have mch to start of with anyway (though unlocking single player and multiplayer stuff and concept art is always nice).

Most important options are probably controls which are named after which player they respond to (Player 1 and Player 2), I honestly couldn’t find a setup that I’d recommend though. Sound was just seperate volume sliders for music, sound effects and voice which once again might as well be left alone. It also has a codes menu for cheats but I probably won’t use any.

The tutorials seemed quite useful but Adi Gallia certainly didn’t give me a gold first impressions as a main character even if it makes sense to talk that way around your master (although you seemingly do play as other characters too). Controls are surprisingly easy to get used to and I really like the different ways to target stuff including the ability to immediately lock in on whoever shot you. Shooting moving stuff from far away was quite difficult though and sadly I felt the graphics contributed a little to that and not just how bad I usually am at these types of games. Saving after every mission was annoying though, but this was a time when Auto saving was surprisingly new.

It was definitely weird how your character could still use force powers while flying a ship although I guess it was needed to make this game a little different. What I found interesting was the fact there was both a bonus objective and a hidden one. Although honestly trying to work out the hidden objective was just too much of a pain in the ass for me when I already found the bonus objectives quite difficult.

You do get alright stuff for getting golds and completing objrctives though which includes bonus ships that you can use in the missions, however while they have different ammo and stuff a few don’t feel as powerful due to secondary ammo limits. The Republic Gunship was quite good though which is the second to last unlock with recharging lasers. Not that I’d be able to get it legitimately though, luckily there’s a code for the code screen (LONGO on Xbox) which unlocks everything although you actually have to go to bonus materials to select a bonus ship instead of a before mssionship select which would of made more sense.

I did start getting bored quite quickly though, sadly this just isn’t the sort of game that I’m a big fan of. It is fun while it lasts though perhaps it just aged a bit too much. Watching the team commentary was nice though, I wish more games had them to be honest. I’m not a fan of using automated slideshows for pictures though.

Overall its an alright game but just not the type I’m a bg fan of. It probably didn’t help that there was some lag due to playing on an Xbox 360 plus th fact the graphics had aged a bit (2D lasts much longed than 3D by the way). At least I can play it though, there isn’t many PAL Xbox games that work on the Xbox 360.


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