Yakitate!! Japan (Anime) Episode 5 Review

What happened in the last episode was that they were introduced to two of the people in the store, the lame Kageto and the strangely cool Ken. You also learn some back story about Ken and why he’s so picky about the bread he makes too. Awkwardly the episode covered only 1 1/2 chapters in the manga so no idea how much this one covers.

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The episode was completely about Kazuma and Kyousuke making a french bread that avoided all allergies that was also healthy, it was what was mentioned in the last episode so while it didn’t feel like an amazing cliffhanger or anything in the last episode this is essentially the 2nd half. It already got to the point where Kyousuke wasn’t worth looking forward to and I swear poor Kageto has already vanished.

At least you can rely on Kazuma to do something weird and since it was a challenge set my the manager Ken you had a good feeling he wouldn’t suddenly have a Ja-Pan already made or something. It even shows that his older sister is actually a slightly important side character.

Out of Context Anime…

To make Kazuma’s seem different they kept making him look bad and have Kyousuke looking down on him at a few times but sadly you ended up feeling bad for him instead as you already knew Kazuma’s bread was going to be better and it wasn’t a case of Solar Hands, one is just far more talented than the other.

Honestly though you did wonder how Kyousuke tried to make the bread being convinced that he couldn’t use milk or butter at all. There was a bit of a surprise though, neither of the bread was properly explained and there was no reaction to the either. Instead the viewer learns more about how bread works which is interesting.

This anime doesn’t need reactions to be weird

It was by this episode though that you definitely knew that the story didn’t actually take itself very seriously at all, there were silly (but funny) jokes thrown all over the place and even the seemingly serious parts can suddenly turn strange. Its honestly one the best things about the anime but like I mentioned once before the humor relies mainly on how stuff is spelt and pronounced in Japan and therefore not only will I never fully understand it (The sub I watch has notes thankfully) it also cannot be dubbed into another language.

You even get what is essentially 2 reactions this episode and one of them wasn’t even to bread so it was immediately enjoyable. Also some of the music used in this episode was quite nice too, they seem to have this specific style they use when Ken is saying things. Overall a good episode, no idea what’s going to happen in the next one though. Amusingly you do see Kageto at the very end of the episode.

Manga Comparison

Not even worth having a screenshot since the 1 and a half chapters (latter half of 7 and 8) are practically the same as the anime version minus the extended reactions that the anime has therefore making it unmistakeably better.


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