Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator (Android) Review

Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator is a casual free to play game for Android by Outerminds Inc where you control a random ‘Tuber’ making videos and getting subs in order to buy stuff for your room with the ultimate goal of dethroning Pewdiepie. It also boasts a Pug minigame and Voice Acting by Pewdiepie. There are many YouTube simulators but this is the only one I know of banking on the popularity of a specific one so I was extra wary of its quality and its free to play elements.

Doesn’t look terrible according to the title screen although something seemed a bit off about the graphics and the music was alright but not as good as they claim it is. Opening up the game though I was pleasantly surprised that it truly had voice acting by Pewdiepie himself (not stolen soundbytes like all those fangames), basically he talked you through the tutorial and some other small explanations of what stuff does.

Graphics seemed much better and the music was still alright. As for gameplay it seemed it’d be easy to get used to but the real question was how long would it stay that way, as always with Free to Play games it was very quick to introduce its premium currency which also doesn’t seem impossible to get… at first.

When you first get into the game you are greeted with a tiny run down room with a PC on a cardboard box so you really did start from the bottom (it also wasn’t worth screenshotting yet). Gameplay was quite simple, you’d choose to make a video then the combination of topics while keeping an eye on the trendometer in order to get views and subscribers (you can also amusingly rename videos which will be listed in your Top 10 Videos in your Stats). You use views to get stuff for your room which you have to wait for shipping and can do only one at a time but the game does offer an alternative. Not using Bux but a Peggle like minigame called Puggle where you drop one of Pewdiepie’s pugs down a small peg board collecting the bubbles and hopefully landing in one of the two dog bowls in order to cut down the shipping time, you can occasionally win a few Bux too but thats because the game is literally only available when shipping something.

On top of visual upgrades there are also actual upgrades you can get using Brains which are collected via ingame goals, sasly though the game doesn’t let you complete many at a time and puts a huge refresh time on almost all of them unless you pay 2 bux (each) to instantly refresh them. To me thats a complete waste of a premium currency, the only thing it sort of makes sense to be premium is making your tiny room a bit bigger. That doesn’t excuse the absolutely screwed up microtransactions though, £1 seems like an alright amount but putting macrotransactions in (yes, macro) that cost £94 is judt terrible in a game thats ultimately going to be played by large amounts of Pewdiepie’s young subscribers (who probably think he made the game). In fact while you can add stuff to the room easily you can only extend the room by tiny bits at a time which immediately becomes expensive and all customisation to you actual setup (PC, Desk etc) costs Bux which means you’re stuck with a cardboard box for quite a while.

That doesn’t mean its bad though, like most free to play games what this wants mord than anything is your time and invest enough in and you can get plenty of bucks via the epic quests to at least slightly extend the room and replace the carboard computer table. It’s not that I suddenly found it really fun since you don’t really do much but the sense of progression does exist. If anything you’re meant to enjoy designing the room layout as you unlock stuff and I’m terrible at that.

When I think about it you don’t really need to be a Pewdiepie fan to play this, its alright on its own and the inclusion of his voice acting could easily be considered an extra. At the same time though there’s probably a lot of people that wouldn’t play this otherwise. Either way it does what it says on the store page and thats good enough for me.

UPDATE 03/11/16: At some point the app finally introduced events which is essentially mini competitions where you create rooms based on themes in order to get in game ‘gifts’ in you get in the top 500 (split into 5 brackets). However it’s poorly executed with the Box fort event being won mostly by people that didn’t even have a box fort and the 2 halloween events are essentially pay to win because of exclusive items that cost 450 ingame bucks to get (not enough to save up in a mere 10 days). Because of this my opinion of this app has lowered a bit but I still enter the events anyway as you can see by my Graveyard submission above.

Overall an alright game, like most free to play which is to be expected. I’ll never forgive macrotransactions but I can still say you might as well give it a try if you’re bored. You can follow me in game at SamEarl13 if you play it and I’ll follow you back.


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