Yakitate!! Japan (Anime) Episode 4 Review

Last episode was basically about Croissants and how Kazuma doesn’t have any real knowledge other than practically everything is a Ja-Pan he already made at some point. Stuff happens and despite the usual awesome bread both Kazuma and Kyousuke don’t win the competition and now Tsukino wants the two for her store which is what this episode is about.

[Need to put the picture here but the WordPress app is glitching out…]

Another episode with characters being introduced, the first one we immediately meet is Kinoshita Kageto with an odd bowl haircut and sort of gloomy attitude which pretty much tells you how important he’s going to be. Although like always the main focus was on making bread and this time it was Parisian, a type of traditional French bread.

You do get the usual information about the bread which even includes some numbers this time which is nice. Kind of tired of hearing Kazuma go on about Ja-Pan though even if it so important its part of the title. On the other hand though it’s very quick to show a reaction which is nice.

He actually liked the bread…

Talking of the reaction though it was definitely strange like the others but had something kinda awkward about it and thats without mentioning that weird face Kyousuke pulled before it started. Although its honestly quite short and quickly gets to the next part.

Its then that we finally meets the manager Matsushiro Ken and by then poor Kageto is already overshadowed by the person who is obviously cooler in every way even if they don’t exactly look like someone that would make bread. Oddly enough the small ad break actually gives away his identity even though it was meant to be slightly mysterious.

Who said I needed to screenshot the normal looking bits 😛

It does get a bit more serious near the end of the episode with a bit of back story for the manager and the reason why he’s so picky about bread. Doesn’t explain how he practically became a different person though considering how normal he looked in the flashback. Not that it really matters.

There wasn’t really a cliffhanger of any sorts this episode and it feels like they may do french bread again so no hype for the next episode but overall it was quite nice and introduced 2 more characters you’ll see often.

Manga Comparison

This episode awkwards cover chapter 6 and half of chapter 7 and honestly there’s not really any notable differences between the two other than the manga actually telling the reader the manager’s sister almost died instead of seemingly hinting at it instead for some odd reason. Anime adaption is obviously the better one again although the idea of being stuck in the middle of a chapter until I watch the next episode is annoying.


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