Now to start off with I’m usually against asking for things, after all we all know asking for potential support for something that isn’t helping a charity is called E-begging and people will completely hate you for doing it and throw a bunch of names and swear words at you until they get bored (or at least that’s what happened last time).

I felt like I’d try again, partially because most of my stuff is breaking but mostly because there’s not much I can take pictures of with a half broken Nokia Lumia. At the end of the day there’s no zoom to take things in the distant so despite being scared of bugs and insects that’s what I’ve ended up taking loads of pictures of. So to try and convince you to part with £1 or something here’s a load of pictures I’ve taken.

[Update 1st October 2016: The old half broken phone I used to take these pictures with randomly stopped working so now I can’t take pictures at all. Not that it makes any difference since no one is reading this.]

At first a lot of the pictures I took were of the things that made their way inside the house and sadly that used to be spiders which would run fast especially the one pictured above. After chasing it half scared to death around my bedroom I caught it an empty box of Pringles that I had been given earlier that day. I then took the picture before placing it on the outside windowsill with the lid open and quickly shutting the window so it didn’t get back in.

In fact whenever I found a spider indoors they were never the tiny nice looking ones, I get shivers looking at this particular picture of mine since it was crawling on my back and any type of insect merely touching me has the potential to make me have a panic attack. If anything I took the picture because I just couldn’t believe something that size would be able to sneak into my bedroom.

It wasn’t all bad though, I sort of loosened up to the idea of taking pictures of insects and stuff for people when a tiny little baby snail survived a flower pot getting washed up. To me while I don’t like the creatures it was just a good opportunity to take a picture and from then on thats how I judged when I should take pictures.

And honestly it’s these sorts of moments that make you wish you had a better device to take the pictures with. The above picture being a likely rare occasion of a moth being wrapped up by a small spider that occured just outside the flat we live in. There wasn’t much light so it came out a bit awkward.

I do think I started to find better ones to take pictures of after a while, I’d usually go to take pictures of the flowers before realising they’re dead and end up taking a picture of something else. I’m not a fan of spiders but when I saw the colours on the one pictured above I just had to show people. Sadly though I feel it would be better if it was more detailed again.

One picture of a very small did turn out quite alright, though I have no idea what it actually is. It’s something I found looking for things to take pictures of when I realised most of Nan’s flowers had died. It was probably at this point that I wished I could take pictures of things at a longer range with at least that level of quality.

I kept going though and some time ago a big odd looking slug was moving around outside the flats so after taking the dogs for a walk I took the phone and took a picture. It was at this point I realised that perhaps I could improve pictures a little bit depending on the lighting and when I take the pictures as I personally think using flash at night really brung out the odd orangey bits of the slug. It got thrown really far using a dustpan and brush shortly after though.

Another picture I did at night after taking the dogs and a very recent one was one of a snail. Unlike what I usually do I actually got a nearby newspaper and moved it to a better location to get the picture which is why you can see some bubbles aka its self defence mechanism. Definitely a picture I’m proud of but I feel it only turned out like that because it wasn’t too small or too far away.

Lastly since there was 2 notable occasions where I took a picture of a brown moth I thought I’d do a comparison with the top one being from a while back and the bottom one being one I actually did today. You can probably guess which one I’m happier with and that I have improved a little in taking pictures however I still feel like I could do more and better if I had the equipment to do so.

So basically if you liked any of the above pictures and feel like throwing £1 or something at me via PayPal click here. Although I haven’t thought of what camera I’d actually need so perhaps suggest down in the comments something that takes pictured with a decent resolution with good optical zoom and a rechargeable inbuilt battery (Li-Ion I think). Thanks for reading either way, maybe share this on Twitter?


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