Yakitate Japan!! (Anime) Episode 3 Review

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In the last episode we saw how good Kazuma is at baking but also his lack of real knowledge of names and origins due to being 100% self taught. Oddly there was a surprising amount of differences between the manga and anime with the adaption being overall the better thing once again.

There were some real creepy points to this episode that didn’t seem like they needed to be there like a certain hand licking. Other than that it started off as you expected with Kazuma acting like a complete idiot with Kyousuke being kinda annoying again (but not in a bad way).Tsukino was definitely a bit weird though and Kai isn’t shown at first.

The main theme of this episode seemed to be pointing out how good Kai is though perhaps people would not be that happy with how Kyousuke decided to real worth that. It was another case of seeing Kazuma’s awesome cooking but there was a twist to it but at the end of the day it was necessary plotwise.

There was something kind of awkward about knowing that Kyousuke was an important character despite the first episodes trying so hard to make you hate his personality and in extension getting kind of annoyed with how Kazuma reacts to it. At least learning different things about Croissants is cool and interesting as usual.

Common knowledge is of course thrown out the window again when Kazuma’s Ja-Pan’s are concerned though which is one of the main things keeping you watching the early episodes. That and the reaction Ryu is bound to have when he tries it, when I think about it though it was sure quick to cut down the number of characters to a few.

Screenshots of the reactions can be really confusing out of context.

The eventual payoff where the bread is made and the subsequent reaction was just as good as you would hope strengthened a bit by the fact it was made to look bad at first. Also Kyousuke goes from being completely annoying to at least slightly ok by the end of it although Tsukino doesn’t seem that special at the moment even with her secret revealed and Kai doesn’t either even though he has a sword and a cool bandanna.

Overall the episode ended in a decent way and you have some interest in seeing the next episode although its not on the level of a cliffhanger like the first two episodes had. It really depends on introducing more characters and making us like the existing ones more.

Manga Comparison

This episode covered chapters 4 and 5 of the manga. Other than the obvious improvement on the reaction there wasn’t any massive differences other than a change of explanation on the creation of Croissants, while the anime simply mentions where the name comes from the manga gives you quite a big explanation which probably would of taken a while to read out (see above screenshot) and was therefore replaced. Tsukino did seem to only mention having a store in tje manga though as compared to saying specifically the southern branch in the anime ao that may be another difference but very small and insignificant. Adaption was obviously the better of the two again.


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