I’m trying to get better at drawing.

Nothing really important but I felt like mentioning that lately I’ve actually been motivated to get better at drawing. Partially just to have another choice of content to create when everything else keeps screwing up but honestly I’ve wanted to draw more since forever ago. What I’ve found is if I take something simple like a screenshot of a SNES game and then draw something from it like a character it doesn’t turn out as terrible as usual. Firstly I drew Plok but there were some problems:

Not only did I use paper not suited for drawing on but the coloring pencils weren’t good either thanks to the fact my only sharpener has vanished (a high quality metal dual slot one). However despite the problems (and my tweet kinda getting ignored) I felt it was at least good enough to make me want to do another one. Today I drew the Giant Toy Soldier from Adventures of Batman and Robin (SNES) out of boredom and while the lack of a sharpener meant the shading was bad I think it turned out alright:

Basically I want to keep myself busy and draw at least one thing every single day so it’d be great if you’d throw a bunch of retro game suggestions like SNES, NES, Game Gear etc for me to try and draw stuff from including other stuff if you feel like it. I doubt I’ll ever be as good as some people but as long as I can turn this into something at least a few people like I’ll be happy. Thanks for reading and please spam the comments.

P.S. Adding pictures definitely makes writing a diary a lot less boring.


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