Yakitate!! Japan (Anime) Episode 2 Review

[Gotta link to first part]

Basically what happened last episode was Kazuma was leaving to the competition at Pantasia but first we saw why he started making bread which included things like meeting a certain bread maker thanks to his older sister, learning about his ‘Solar Hands’ and making some special toast for his Grandpa using Soymilk. The anime version randomly hinted at the important characters in this episode while the manga merely had a joke that wasn’t adapted.

Can’t resize it… -_-

Considering the episode starts by reminding you that Kazuma lost 5 points for being late it kind of makes his insane optimism kinda annoying even if you knew there was a good reason he’s like that. Although some of the other characters spend this episode being annoying too although at least they’re still interesting.

Can’t say anything about the unimportant characters though which are literally just part of the background and super ignorable. If anything this episode focuses mainly on Kawachi Kyousuke even if two other bakers are there as well.

As well as showing how annoying Kyousuke can be it was once again hammering on about Kazuma’s Solar Hands, not that it was a bad thing but it sort of degrades the fact that he’s actually really good at making bread. If anything he’s one of those people that learnt completely due to experimenting so even with proof he still seems like an idiot to be honest.

You do get to at least learn a bit about the other 2 important bakers like their names (Azusagawa Tsukino is the girl,Suwabara Kai is the strange sword wielding guy and Kuroyanaza Ryu is the judge). Back to the important stuff though you really did look forward to when the bread was actually revealed especially since two of the characters were obviously not normal.

You learn some real random stuff in this bread making anime.

Obviously though what the viewer really wants on top of cool bread and competition between characters is to see whatever weird reactions they have when eating them. In fact Ryu (the judge) is essentially an important character that exists mostly to get odd reactions out of (the above screenshot being the start of one).

You still enjoy everything that happens though even if some characters are annoying, it’s a case of feeling like they’d be better once you actually get to know them especially since they all made nice bread. Some might be a little bit put of with how dumb Kazuma can seem though with the cliffhanger of this episode being based entirely around one of the problems of self teaching.

Overall a decent episode and gives a good introduction to the important characters, or at least enough to make you want to know more. Note I can’t remember anime characters full names at all so be prepared to just see first names after they’ve been introduced once.

Manga Comparison

First of all this episode covered chapters 2 and 3 in the manga. Oddly enough in the manga the 3 people are kicked out for being smelly, sickly and fat in that order which is different to the anime version. The smelly person was changed to have nose hair, the fat guy was kicked out for being sweaty and the originally sickly person got kicked out for his railroad haircut. This was probably done to tone down how harsh Ryu was but I personally think it was pointless.

That wasn’t the only noticeable differences though, not only did Kai cut his bread with a stanley knife instead of a sword in the original which is honestly better to start with but the small part in the anime where Kyousuke tries Kazuma’s bread never happened. Even the explanation for why he thought Curry was a japanese thing seemed to be different. However the biggest difference is the obvious fact that the judge’s reaction is a mere panel in the manga compared to the amusing little animation seen in the anime.

In other words this might be another time where the anime version is ultimately better even if some of the changes were pointless and/or kinda stupid.


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