Yakitate!! Japan (Anime) Episode 1 Review

Yakitate!! Japan is an anime originally written by Hasaguchi Takashi before being adapted by TV Tokyo and Aniplex. The story revolves around a young man known as Kazuma Azuma in his quest to make a Ja-Pan aka a completely new and unique bread for their country (like France has baguettes).

Will probably find something better to put here.

The start was quite weird with all the stuff with the fighting and each country getting their own bread, at least it gave you a good idea of what was going on. As for the immediate first impressions of Azuma Kazuma he seemed like he was one of those people that weren’t smart but instead super talented. What I found weird though was when it showed his family it was a bit too obvious that other than his big sister his grandpa was the only important one there.

Good opening with nice music even if it kind of gives away characters like you’d expect, I always found it amusing how the narrator claims that the anime is serious which immediately tells you it isn’t which is obvious once you get into it. The music used in the background is alright but while the graphics are ok they’ll never compare to something new like Shokugeki no Souma (also a cooking anime).

As someone thats watched the whole show this scene is quite awkward to rewatch.

While at the start it had Kazuma about to leave the episode is mostly a flashback of why he started making bread in the first place and it was quite interesting especially with the inclusion of what could be thought of as this anime’s superpower (kinda like what sport anime does) called Solar Hands which is essentially just naturally warmer hands that are apparently better for baking.

While there was a lot of comedy and calmness in it there is still quite an air of seriousness as well, it may not have given out the weight or numbers but when Kazuma was taught how to make you also felt like you were learning as well.

While it is amusing this sort of humor literally can’t be translated aka no dubbed version.

While there is plenty of comedy and weirdness the main source of it are the reactions of characters when they eat bread. I personally like how they look graphically and the play on words makes them unique but that sadly means there will never be a dubbed version (some people just don’t like subtitles). Well worth waiting most of the episode for.

Ultimately a good introduction to the main character and a nice look at the other characters, you even got to see a bit where he enters the Pantasia store for the competition where it hints at the other important characters although it didn’t give you any of their names which bugged me a little. Still quite enjoyable though at the end and you definitely would want to watch the next one if you liked this one.

Manga Comparison

Comparing it to the original manga chapter 1 gives the impression that the anime adaptation was better in every way, some of the panels felt overly simplistic and background effects don’t work that well in black and white. As for story there is not really any difference between the two although I believe the play on words about Anal Prolapse was understandably removed from the adaption. It might be interesting to note that the manga doesn’t show the other important characters at the end, its something put into the anime version for some reason.

Overall I find it enjoyable and would recommend giving it a try if you like that sort of thing. While I might of mentioned it though its very different to Shokugeki no Souma,  this is far weirder than that will ever be.


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