Doritos (Food) Review

Doritos are a well known brand of Corn Chips created by Walkers and something I’m addicted to despite being a little bit poor. I recently was able to try one of the limited edition flavours known as Ultimate Cheeseburger so I thought I’d do a review. Note these aren’t in the order I reviewed them in. Lets begin with the Cool Original.

Visually the packets are usually the same as each other but Cool Original is made noticeable by its blue color, always found it weird that they had a serving suggestion on the front since I’ve never been a dip person and if I reviewed those too this post would be miles long.

Most noticeable thing about Doritos are their triangle like and small markings which are usually part of the flavorings. It’s also common for some to be bent but as someone that didn’t use dips I didn’t really care how they were.  As for flavor its kind of hard with this one since it isn’t called something although it does taste nice. According to the packet the flavoring includes some slat and cheese powder which are probably the most noticeable things but there’s also spices too. Really while these are nice to have they’re sort of made for dips.

The Tangy Cheese Doritos bag is quite a pleasant orange color and probably the most calm looking of all the bags, probably because its so close to the color of the corn chips on the front compared to colors like blue and red. Other than that there’s no real difference.

Even the chips themselves look orange too (far more than in the picture) and are quite evenly flavored. The flavor is exactly like its called, a cheese that is slightly tangy and because its not too weak or too powerful (most of the time) I’d say it’d be the best to try for those who haven’t had Doritos and don’t want dips. Probably my second favourite of what I’ve eaten.

Nothing special about the bag for Doritos Chilli Heatwave other than the appropriate dark red it uses. Probably the best color out of the flavoured bags (therefore excluding the cool original blue).

While the packet is red and the flavor is chilli heatwave the color of the chips were very orange, even more than the Tangy cheese ones. As for flavor they tasted exactly how you’d expect with a pleasant flavor with the aftereffects you can imagine from eating something spicy. It’s quite a weak effect though compared to what some people would want which is honestly the reason I like it more. In fact its currently my favourite flavor.

Colorwise I’m sure the BBQ Rib bag is the darkest (excluding the limited edition bags), oddly though I never see these on special offer or in the 150g bags at all. Personally though this never bothered me before as I’d almost always grab Tangy Cheese or Chilli Heatwave but as I’m reviewing them all I got this.

Opening the packet you can see they’re slightly darker than the normal ones with a rare few having more flavoring than usual. They taste like you’d expect BBQ to taste like if it was turned into a flavor although I believe its a little bit better and I also feel it suits the crunchiness of Corn Chips compared to crisps and other similar food. Some are really overpowering though so while I do enjoy them I wouldn’t prioritize getting them above the others.

Ultimate Cheeseburger is 1 of 2 flavors introduced in a 2016 competition to think of a way to destroy a flavor in order to win £20,000. This is DoritosB which lost and is gone forever while Sizzling Salsa is DoritosA (not tried yet). Being limited flavors the packet definitely stood out from between the sea of red and blue that usually takes up the shelf they’re on. It was also 200 grams for the same price as the usual 150 gram bags.

Visually they don’t look much different but taste wise they were in another dimension but not exactly in a good way. They definitely nailed some subtle flavors of a cheeseburger (obvious ones like cheese and burger) but there was a powerful taste that got in the way that I immediately recognised as pickle. I’m not a hater of pickles but it definitely hit me by surprise at first and while I did get used to it quickly to like the rest the first impressions meant that these were the worst I had eaten (bar Cool Original which I noted was essentially made for dips).

In a stroke of luck (on 18/11/16) I managed to get the Sizzling Salsa Doritos in their DoritosA huge bag despite being past when the competition ended. Colorwise its the exact opposite and somehow screams test flavor mch more than the other packet.

The chips were probably the most visually surprising of all flavors, not only were they very orange but the dark bits were very noticeable compared to the other flavors too. Even the flavor was surprising although at first I wasn’t that sure about it. It did start tasting nice after a while but honestly I wouldn’t of been surprised if DoritosB had won. I once jokingly said it was a conspiracy because a Sizzling Salsa dip already existed but thats likely untrue.

To sum it up, all Doritos are good with Chilli Heatwave being the best and Ultimate Cheeseburger being the worst but still ok with Sizzling Salsa only just better.


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