Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (Android) Review

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is an RPG by DeNA Corp based on the popular Final Fantasy series set in a world filled with records of past battles from different worlds which have recently been corrupted. Your goal is to piece together a team of characters from various games in the series and uncorrupt the paintings by doing battles that are also based on the series.

Loading up the game was quite simple and the data downloaded rather quickly, music was recognisable from the series but it might be worth noting all characters are actually 2D with the menu’s being the things with art like you can see above. Actual in game options are simple with mere sound toggles as well as some customisation to battles like speed and auto but there is so many menu’s that it would take forever to mention them all.

Basically every party member can be equipped with items and abilities which I found useful. Abilities can be made with materials or vice versa while weapons can be both upgraded and combined to make them better plus they give a boost if you match the series to the character. However boosting a character is a pain in the ass since to level up you need to get growth eggs and to raise your level limit past 50 you need to find very specific memory nodes. The fact that I rarely had enough gil aka money to do anything made this seem worse. I’ve also seen some people complain about the stamina.

However the game does give you a lot of content to play with realms based on certain games as well as event dungeons and even harder ones too. On top of that the game is quite generous with stamina shards which give you +1 for every five with some dungeons giving you more than that. There’s also Cid’s missions which is this games version of goals to do for little rewards.

The last battle in the dungeon was against Kain who I one shot with Kain… Awkward.

When going into a dungeon you are met with various battles each of various lentvth and stamina cost all leading up to the boss, the idea being that you could have a break at any time. However while you are in a dungeon you can’t do anything to your party so in the unlikely event you got something good in the middle of a dungeon you’d have to wait (or quit and start from scratch later). Each battle also has its own goals too with a scoring at the end for what you’ll get with a mastery reward if you’re good enough.

As for the battles themselves they’re actually really simple, merely choose one of the attacks at the bottom of the screen depending on what you feel (note the gap is where the two possible abilities (usually magic) would be. Abilities work very differently from other Final Fantasy games though, there is no mana but instead you can only use them so many times per battle with that amount being able to be upgraded. Its quite a good thing though as it lets you do things like ‘stealing’ the cure ability from the White Mage you start with and giving it to another character (like Rydia for example).

Overall its an ok game, sometimes get a little bit boring but its at least worth a try if you are a fan of the series.


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