Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X (Android) Review

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X is an RPG for Android created by Square Enix and a spinoff of the popular Kingdom Hearts series. The plot of the game revolves around gathering mysterious light known as Lux in order to defeat the Heartless. As you’d expect as a spinoff the gameplay will be very different from the main games.

While the art style wasn’t something I personally preferred at least the game had familiar music starting with a remix of the usual menu tune and later the tune I believe to be called “Destati”. It was kind of needed though since like most larger games you had to download extra data after loading it up. I didn’t really like how the premium currency was mentioned immediately though (they gave some as pity for sitting through the download).

The little bit of story to set the plot was ok though even if it was told mainly by looking at a page of a pop up book, from what I could tell it was another prequel since it had what I’m sure was a young Kairi and her grandmother. Options were a bit simpler than I expected though, there was only various sound and notification toggles which doesn’t effect anything you’d want.

The Jewels didn’t seem that important at first other than blatant microtransactions although the game used an AP aka energy system when you go in levels and some of the more difficult ones use a lot. Like a lot of free to play games the things you attack with (in this case medals you slot in your keyblade) are buyable, upgradeable and evolvable with a 6 star rating system. You can also unlock various Keyblades which you can upgrade to give you extra slots and small boosts to attack power of medals (for example one slot may give 1.08x damage to any Power type medals placed in it). You need to get materials though which you either get by collecting them in level or getting them for completing each levels goals.

You also can get Avatar Coins for the Avatar Board and I was pleasantly surprised at gow it worked. Basically every piece of clothing in the store has nodes and to get the clothes you have to keep unlocking the nodes with the coins until you unlock the node that lets you use them. This might sound bad from that alone but any node that doesn’t unlock clothes is a permanent upgrade to your character with extremely useful things like AP+1 and HP+20. Because of this even unlocking clothes for the opposite gender you’re playing as is useful.

The gameplay was quite simple, tap the screen to choose where to go and when you approach an enemy fo start a battle you tap or swipe to attack. There is obviously a bit more than that though with each medal having its own element, stats and possible special move but thanks to the tutorial its not at all difficult and reminded me a little bit of the GBA game that used cards. I had a bad feeling you could probably win quite easily if you were lucky with characters and had powerful ‘friends’ though.”Also note there are multiple different types of missions like Story, Special and even Raids which need multiple people.

I didn’t really like how it reused the exact same location sometimes just usually blocking the path off with the target monster so you didn’t pointlessly go somewhere empty, however I did assume that while Story was like this harder quests would probably use the entire levels. I was also right about choosing friend medals, after around 10 levels I found myself being able to get help from super rare characters (pretty sure one was blindfolded Riku) that made killing stuff in one turn super easy.

Raid bosses were a bit odd, basically it pits you against one strong enemy and the idea is to defeat it while doing the most damage. Its actually quite simple but in no way the boss battle you thought it would be and I assume if you were in a high level party it’d probably be a joke. Not saying its bad though, its definitely nice to get what is essentially free exp medals. In fact some raid bosses give raid coins which can be used to get special clothing similar to the Avatar Coins.

Something I wasn’t a fan of though was how your medals only leveled up manually, they don’t actually get exp from being used like in every other rpg ever and while it was generous with exp medals I still found it annoying. And honestly some of the goals are annoying too like equipping a certain keyblade (which doesn’t have an extra slot) which makes the usual defeat all enemies in one turn (each) seem worse than it would otherwise.

Also despite how fast you unlock Special and Event only 1 thing in them seems that useful but you can get some cool medals sometimes so at least you have that (e.g. A Score Attack that can get you a really cool 5 star Shadow Heartless medal).

Overall though while I thought it was ok I didn’t feel like it was worth the 1gb storage it was taking up. This is despite the fact I had cool characters like Auron, KH II Riku and Timeless (?) Pete. Maybe I’ll play it again one day.


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