Justice Monsters Five (Android) Review

Justice Monsters Five is a pinball game for Android created by Square Enix which is apparently a port of a minigame from Final Fantasy XV. Quoting the store page you “Join the heroes of the Justice Monsters Five and do battle to save the planet Nova from the clutches of the diabolical Lord Vexxos!” while recruiting new monsters as you play.

Loading up the game was a bit awkward, you have to wait for the data to download but all you get is a tiny bit of repeating story with no sound while you wait. Although when it did appear the music, artstyle and story seemed to be referencing comic books of some kind. I can’t say anything considering I haven’t played many Final Fantasy games other than the super old 2D ones (which I never got far in) but it did feel really different.

Like a lot of games you’re thrown into a tutorial although oddly enough it’s the characters as seen on the title screen thus the reason you lose them and end up with weak monsters afterwards seems a bit dumb. Not only that but the menu’s seemed a bit annoying, the usual upgrading using something and premium currency was there but it felt so awkward to do anything. Although the game did give me quite a lot of preium currency and I found myself immediately being able to get a 11x lottery thing and getting rare monsters. Something that disappointed me was by holding down on the monsters you can see their stats but there’s no description of the creatures which is a thing I like in games. Perhaps because it relies on recolors a lot for the uncommon creatures. Oddly enough though this game doesn’t have inventory limits and instead uses an auto convert which turns any duplicate monsters into orichalcum.

Gameplay is honestly really simple despite the skills, techniques and elements in the game. What would happen is your ball will go back and forth along the bottom and yiu fire it at the opponents and special moves can help by doing things like piercing through things or climbing the wall. However I found that you didn’t really need that because of how easy it is to go up a lot of levels and get rare stuff. You didn’t need even need to ‘Snipe’ bosses (basically this games version of weak points) to defeat them easily. And this is factoring in that the enemies do attack (and will annihilate you if you go into a high level area.

There is some pinball like obstacles though and they’re actually good to hit as thy charge up something known as justice slots which can basically get you extras like getting cured or having everything on screen die immediately. If anything the game needed it though, I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to someone not skilled at the game to keep missing the enemies if they didn’t do anything.

Every 10 levels you fight a big boss and honestly if you have decent creatures even they’re easy and you win faster too because there’s obviously no rounds. Surprisingly it was only at after the second boss (third including tutorial) that I realised most enemies are potential allies as I almost immediately got it in the monster spin. Their attacks definitely seemed impressive even considering some monsters hero technique is essentially a super powerful attack as well.

It was also at this point I noticed something that probably wasn’t good, you could choose the exact same friend for every mission if you wanted to with no problems whatsoever. In fact I even noticed a few insanely overpowered super rare cards with one of them increasing light damage by 100%. What makes that crazier is the fact you could have that card yourself and raise your attack by 200% or more depending on how stacking works.

Overall I just personally don’t like this game although perhaps someone who enjoys pinball mechanics might. Either way if really is a port of a minigame I’m sure a lot of people will end up playing it anyway.


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