Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Android) Review

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is an RPG for android created by Square Enix which like the other mobile exclusive Final Fantasy games makes use of characters from the series. This time these characters are known as visions which are essentially their hopes and dreams trapped inside a crystal and the 2 main characters are the ones that can summon them.

Yes, I started reviewing this past midnight.

Loading up the game I was quite surprised at how the downloading was done, it did part of it and then let you play the tutorial while the rest downloaded. The story seemed interesting too plus you even get to see the two main characters in 3D at the very start before it gets pixelized similar to what they did in Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection. While I always talk about gameplay after options and menu’s I can say the graphics were decent and the music was amazing.

As you’d expect the game relies alot on collecting, upgrading and evolving characters. These can be bought with a premium currency although because of the first impressions I didn’t do that. Each character can also be given equipment and abilities so its actually quite complex too. There are also items too.

Despite premium currency being noticeable, the energy spending being hidden until you’re rank 4 and storage limitations on everything I was still really excited to try more. The reason is while looking through the menu’s I found out that all Characters and Items had long descriptions you could read which is the sort of thing I wish was in every game.

The battle system is a turned based one with a twist, you can choose whatever order you want to attack with and you can get bonuses for combining things. The controls are super easy, swiping a character will let you choose various things (Attack, Items, Abilities and Defend) and pressing will use whatevers chosen with attack being default. Something I liked was every enemy materials and occasionally items even if some aren’t that useful.

Bosses are just as tough as you’d expect them to be but they never seemed too hard if you just spammed all 6 characters attacks (including the friend character) especially if you use limit attacks. However I found it really hard to do spark combos since those mean matching types and honestly without spells you’re just left hoping the characters stats are kinda the same. Of course building teams with that in mind wasn’t exactly an early game thing since even using the premium currency and netting me some cool characters like an Assassin and a Samurai just causes the team to be nothing but a group of random strong stuff.

Tip: In the friends menu you can request to get crysts sent to you.

As someone that doesn’t usually check store pictures (because some are Spoileriffic) I had a huge surprise a few missions in when you get to a town where your character walks around freely although the controls could be better. In the town tou can do various things like creating, buying and selling stuff as well as finding people who give you quests to complete. Its always a nice thing to go around talking to people too plus exploring nets you some hidden items like a feathered cap in the Chocobo stables.

That wasn’t the biggest surprise though, suddenly after leaving the town its suddenly revealed that some locations have an unlockable exploration map which is essentially a small dungeon you can walk around finding items and treasure with random encounters and a big boss making them amazing for grinding materials.

On top of that there’s also vortex dungeons made to help you focused on whatever you choose (exp, gil, materials etc) and a Coliseum which allows you to fight battles and slowly go up ranks. The Vortex of Desires dungeons are highly recommended and while you can only have one open at a time its ok because they help you so much, having a high powered friend to help you is sort of necessary though.

Overall I actually am currently enjoying this game, it does get a little harder to play for long after a while but I’m still going to play it. Especially since I recently got Kain from FF IV using a Rare Summon ticket the game gave me.


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