Mobius Final Fantasy (Android) Review

Mobius Final Fantasy is an RPG for Android created by Square Enix based on the Final Fantasy series which puts you in control of a character without a past who has traveled across the ether onto the shores of Paramecia who ‘might’ be the Warrior of Light seen in prophecy’s. The gameplay makes use of Job and ability cards so its obviously once again not like the main series.

The game boasts that it has the best visuals for an RPG for mobile but from what I’ve read in reviews the fact that Kazushige Nojima writ the story (known for VII and X of the main series) may not be important considering there was way too many store reviews calling it short to ignore.

Loading up the provided you with decent music but the second it went into the so called amazing visuals you knew they were lying. They were terrible and I doubt they’d look good on a smaller screen than my 8′ Tablet either even with resolution set to high. Even the story had a problem, the game insists on you naming the character yet also has voiced cutscenes meaning its a case of skipping your name and also looks retarded written out if you have anything that doesn’t resemble an actual name (like SamEarl13 for example). I would of preferred if the character you played as had a set name.

As for menu’s they’re incredibly complex, each card can be leveled up and slightly upgraded and every job card comes with a skill board you unlock with medals. On top of that the 4 cards you have equipped not only determine what level your job is (card levels combined equals job level)  but also element medals you can get after each battle which is both interesting and useful. The shop was a bit weird though, as well as the usual rare lottery which uses tickets or premium currency there was an ability shop that let you buy whatever non rare stuff you want using ability tickets and by paying a huge percentage more you can even buy them maxed out. The usual friend system is there too with no limit on how much of a cheater you can essentially be by choosing super strong cards whenever they let you.

A thing I noticed while choosing levels was that your character actually walks around the world in 3D which kind of makes its quality even more disappointing, perhaps this shouldn’t of been made as a mobile game. It probably would of been murdered in the reviews on Steam though.


Battles are quite weird but at the same time quite nice (ignoring the graphics I’d already mentioned). You had around 3 attacks per turn but you couldn’t just spam abilities and there wasn’t mana either. What you needed was to collect elemental orbs while attacking which would let you use abilities once you get enough with ? that lowers the chances of getting a certain element but gives added resistance to said element and a much higher chance of getting the others. I really liked how all 3 moves could be linked into a combo including the abilities although I’m sure there’s no reason to.

If I were to say what I didn’t really like it would be how much see you the same stuff early on and even the first big boss was incredibly disappointing considering that *spoiler* it was literally a big version of an already overused ‘boss’ *spoiler*. The game also gave this really odd impression that you needed to actually use tickets to buy stuff as I found since while I did win the levels it was obvious having 2 fire cards equipped wasn’t very useful with one of them never getting used anyway.

Oddly enough there are tiny segments you can walk around, there doesn’t really seem to be any point other than to activate cutscenes but it was nice anyway. Disappointingly though there aren’t any levels like this with random monster encounters though. Im fact the recently added ‘Exploration Region’ is just the usual map with the gimmick being its skillseed rewards are different depending on the day.

Despite that though there is definitely a lot of game to enjoy if you play the side levels a lot, its true that if tou focused entirely on Story missions you’d be done quite quickly but otherwise you could go for quite awhile. In fact there’s some places that are locked off that either need boss grinding to get items or so many kills with a certain job. Also despite using an energy system its so generous I couldn’t even run out the bar at all, I legitly played the game for 4 hours one morning and afterwards still had extra on top of the bar. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that the game gives you elixirs that fill your bar up too so you can play for ages.

Overall the game definitely has its problems with one of them being graphics that fail because they try too hard but other than that its an alright game. The only question is will the story be finished and will the ending be satisfactory.


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