Final Fantasy: All The Bravest (Android) Review

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is a tapping game for Android created by Square Enix based around the Final Fantasy universe where you collect and tap on characters to unleash attacks and defeat enemies. It is infamous as being one of the worst mobile games by a big developer apparently due to slowness and reliance on microtransactions but I thought I’d review it anyway.

The game is incredibly awkward from the start throwing you into a tutorial a after a little bit of badly written as story on a horrible blue background. That on its own doesn’t sound bad but the game doesn’t even let you see the main menu until you’ve completed it and pressing back quits you out the game so its not a surprise you’d think it doesn’t exist.

Said tutorial seemed to hint only at how slow the gameplay could become with the tapping and the ‘convenient’ microtransactions to speed it up which I’ll explain later. Either way you have to quickly complete it to see the logo for the first time and the actual main menu which is plain white and not worth taking a screenshot of. Note that while the music is alright thats only because it’s merely taken from the various games in the series.

It seems really pointless after you’ve had a look. Options was nothing but a fullscreen and notifications toggles while the other small buttons were store page, music store and copyright information. Even the How to Play option was mostly stuff you already knew or didn’t need to be told.

Because of how simple the actual gameplay was I felt it was better to explain the map first although even that was mostly simple with 4 stages per screen in order of with a miniboss as the 2nd and a big boss as the 4th. SNS was just a twitter based upgrade, the record was just some stats that aren’t really important each having a 3 star ranking and Map just lets you choose locations easier. The only ones worth talking about more is the shop and the Catalog.

Considering I didn’t see any adverts of any kind it was obvious they’d try to make money some other way but honestly it seems really bad, not only are there 3 worlds for £2.32 each (based on VII, X and XI) the premium characters cost £0.66 each and you don’t actually get a choice of who you end up with out of 35 possible characters.

As for the Catalog its actually really useful not only giving information on characters, enemies and gear (with a lot of attempted humor) but it also shows you if you’ve gotten each enemies drop so you know where to go to find stuff. What I didn’t like though was that there was only around 91 normal enemies which for a game that claims to take stuff from at least 11 worlds not much at all. However thats not including the fact there are also obviously some premium enemies and weapons because of the buyable worlds.

Your armies can get quite big, but don’t expect it to look that cool unless you pay.

As for gameplay itself its as simple as either tapping characters once they’re ready or swiping over them. The people that are in your party seem totally random though so I just found myself with my finger glued to the screen swiping at whoever is available. The reason for that is because of how the enemy attacks work. Note as you level up your party gets bigger and you unlock more generic characters.

Whenever a normal enemy attacks (caused by you attacking) you lose one of your party members but anything remotely rare can take away more than one at a time and multiple rare enemies are devastating. It ends up being a battle if time to do as much damage before you wipe out and annoyingly the game will ALWAYS remind you of the golden timers (aka microtransactions) that bring back your party instantly. Even without how overly simple said gameplay is and the small amount of gameplay I’d never buy them especially since you can just quit the app and come back later. There’s also fever mode which lets you attack without characters waiting for a short while but it’s one use per 3 hours so I almost forgot to mention it.

In fact after writing the review I decided I’d win the game and instead found more problems, the last boss is just overly hard on purpose. Compared to other bosses this one took the 3 of the golden hourglasses I had left and another hour to get characters after it murdered them for the 4th time. If I hadn’t used the golden hourglasses (which I remind you is a microtransaction other than what you’re given) it would have taken at least 12 hours to defeat it. On top of this if I weren’t lucky and got the bosses gear drop on the first try I’d have to keep doing it but by this point I couldn’t be bothered and just uninstalled the game. Another factor in making me not want to complete the game was the fact you literally have to tweet using SNS 8 times if you want a 40 person party and get the 3rd star in the stats for party size.

Overall it’s not the complete trainwreck people make it out to be but it sure is boring and get relatively cheap at some point, there’s literally nothing special other than the momsters and characters but since anyone notable is locked behind a paywall it was even worse. I even heard the version I played is a highly updated one so I might have to look up how it used to be at launch.


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