Super Oscar (Android) Review

Super Oscar is a platformer for Android created by CHORRUS GAMES (yes, all caps) which is yet another mario ripoff in my review spree which I’m starting to regret (I’m basically torturing myself for free).

I didn’t even get time to notice how shit the menu looked before I got an ad tgrown in my face which carried on one after another very quickly. The game also has microtransactions for coins to upgrade your character despite it bring obviously terrible. The logo was probably the only thing they truly made themselves. Also there were leaderboards and achievements which seemed kind of pointless.

I assumed Extreme was nothing but a tacked on extra mode which doesn’t make any difference at all and while I was mostly right I still had quite a surprise which I’ll mention some point below. Also something awkward I found out after reviewing this was the ‘developers’ released clones of this with different main characters called Super Zack and Super Ninja instead of just updating the first one like sane people would do.

That’s a popular enemy in mario ripoffs.

From the first few levels I already hated the game, while the controls seemed ok the actual movement felt awkward with the jumping being the worst. I was surprised that running jumps actually worked though which was something I could never do in the previous Mario ripoffs I reviewed. The fire attack was just weird though, it fires at an angle but then bounces around in straight lines also being able to collect coins too. It felt as if there was no real effort in designing the levels so I’m not sure if I can say there’s difficulty spikes because it tries hard to screw you over as quick as possible. The graphics were also quite bad too,  being incredibly empty with the occasional lime flavor lollipops trees. The games gimmick seemed to be the large amount of enemies although it was highly questionable if they even made sense together and honestly it was one of the main factors why levels looked so random.

On top of this there seems to be no indication of score anywhere yet there must because of the fact it uses the 3 star system a lot of mobile games use to rate performance. There wasn’t even a results screen of any kind, unless you played on Extreme Mode. Despite the name extreme mode wasn’t extreme at all, other than the levels being grouped up into worlds the only difference was that the HUD actually worked even though it looked really shit. It was then I realised you must be getting lives for every 100 coins and thats why I seemed to never fail a level before.

Despite the amount of enemies there is no bosses in the game at all, levels merely get a bit harder with the background changing every 5 levels. It’s true that a lot of old games are like that but this honestly just seems like a mess. There’s even glitches too, I found out if you get hit while the fire power is on screen you can still collect and use it while small. Also there was a point where I saw two snails seemingly double jump up a wall (snails shouldn’t be able to jump at all, they don’t have legs).

I just couldn’t keep going after a while, its not that it got too difficult at all just there was no sense of accomplishment when you did something. It probably didn’t help that there’s no real fanfare anywhere, the end of each level is just a wooden sign that turns round and beating a world merely greets you with a screen asking if you want to share it with Facebook.

Overall a really bad game, it does have its own gimmick and even something I was surprised that worked but the levels don’t seem to be designed very well and the ad spam is incredibly annoying.


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