Jungle Mario Run (Android) Review

Jungle Mario Run is a platformer for Android created by Island.Ltd and the next game in my huge review spree of Mario ripoffs and other (usually shitty) games found by searching for them.

If the terrible title hadn’t already given you an idea of the games quality the menu definitely did with horrible looking logo and buttons plus a background made up of horrible copy pasted hills. There’s also a hint of desperation when the rate game button is so bigbut that’s just a personal opinion. On top of this the music didn’t seem to fit at all.

The world select looked quite generic to be honest, at least it had some difference between worlds but even then it was probably just stolen. How can you trust a developer that throws a full page ad in your face the second you choose a level. As well as that there’s even a shitty loading screen too.

So details. Much graphics. Wow.

Getting into the game I immediately regretted loading it, it was too apparent that the game was terrible with its badly tiled graphics and completely weird (but also bad) hud which had dollars instead of coins. The message box you see isn’t good either. Coins are worth 4 dollars each instead of a coin and for some reason you have to find a key in order to unlock the flag at the end which makes no sense.

The controls are ok and the double jump in manageable but the fire attack is annoying and the fact you have ammo and can strangely use it while small is yet another thing they should have just copied from mario instead. Blocks are glitchy and break in a weird way, enemies look incredibly stupid since they resized (probably stolen) assets and everything has terrible sound effects (the snail sounds like mario when it gets hurt).

If that didn’t sound terrible enough there’s a glitch with your hitbox and said enemies that means you can’t jump on them, the flying yellow thing can be jumped on most of the time but it just reveals another problem where you just keep falling as if the enemy wasn’t even there. The game also immediately introduces death spikes and even bouncing invincible tiny saw blades because real difficulty isn’t something they can offer.

Despite the game already being annoyingly bad it was very quick to introduce new enemies and traps to kill you. One of these traps were small sets of 3 death spikes that fall from the sky which I managed to dodge every time but it still seemed bullshit. Something else that’s bullshit is how they thought making you die if you fall off the world was all the needed to do and literally put no effort in making the levels look nice at all, especially underneath which should be completely filled with land.

At that point I was at the end of my patience when I was suddenly pushed over the edge when I realised there wasn’t any real difference between levels or worlds. They merely got a bit harder each time with the background changing every 5 levels with no bosses at all which you’d assume would be the case.

Overall its terrible and I can’t even recommend looking at it its so bad. Definitely don’t go near it, the tiny fraction of a penny they made from me while I played this game is still more than they deserve.


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