corre super mario (Android) Review

corre super mario is a runner for Android created by Jawalay and the next in a long line of mario ripoffs I’m reviewing. This is of the obviously shit variety.

The menu was worse than I thought without even mentioning the fact its not fullscreen. The logo was boring, the music toggle seemed to show the opposite of what it should, the characters are animated but go at super speed and there’s even a dumb bit of text above one of their heads in case you somehow couldn’t tell what the characters name was. The music they used didn’t fit at all either.

R.I.P. Nori. No one liked him.

While the above screenshot is only a small part of what you see in game it was so terrible it didn’t deserve another. Graphics are beyond terrible with things like giant ms paint round death spikes, animations are almost non-existent and its way too easy to die partly because of that but mostly because of seemingly terrible programming. The double jump didn’t seem to help and while the game seems to include some sort of green bird to ride (Yoshi ripoff most likely) its not worth the time or effort.

Overall you know I seriously don’t like a game when the review is this short. Games like these are like beacons showing people why the review scores on Google Play are broken.


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