Classic Mario (Android) Review

Classic Mario is a platformer for Android created by AmberMobi Games and yet another of the insane amount of Super Mario ripoffs I’m reviewing in a huge spree.


Loading up the game gave me the biggest surprise, despite the screenshots having a terrible looking Mario ripoff this game is apparently ripping off Adventure Island. If the double ripoff wasn’t enough of a red flag of its quality the fact they had the cheek to double up the banner ads sealed that impression. The game seems to have leaderboards and achievements but if the game is bad those don’t matter.

Before you even tried to move there were incredibly stupid problems, not only did the controls look dumb with both the graphics and the fact down was above the other two but the music that was playing was literally the Super Mario underwater theme which is in all the levels. You know a games bad when it doesn’t even steal stuff right. The sprites and other graphics didn’t mix together well at all either.

The controls are incredibly bad but not even in a way thats easily explainable. It felt like the animations barely had any frames, kept skipping and overall felt chaotic to move around with. As well as that the fire attack you can get feels really slow (plus ? turns green for some reason). There was even times where I pressed the jump button and I didn’t actually jump although that’s probably because it was terribly programmed since you can even spam it while jumping to attack your ears with the sound effect.

On top of all that enemies were either notably from another ripoff or just stupid looking (especially the way they die when you use fire). What was meant to be a blatant Koopa ripoff doesn’t even slide on the floor and is merely an enemy that takes two hits to kill with the first hit making it harmless. Time seems fine but lives are not to be honest even though the original Super Mario Bros forced you to restart if you lost all your lives too. It was mainly because of the huge handicap you had on that made having lives feel cheap. Although oddly coins carry over no matter what and they don’t get you lives while I think your score does.

Playing all the way to the 2nd boss aka 8 levels it just got worse and worse. All the level types were there but they all had the same music and same background as if they’re too lazy to steal enough to make any variety at all. In fact surviving through the levels nets you a disappointing bowser ripoff against a vulture. The fact its a real life bird makes its magical projectiles and the fact it falls and dies if you pull the lever seem incredibly stupid. On top of that there’s nothing special for beating a boss nor is there anything stopping you from jumping/falling to your death with the boss if you felt like it (but it did happen to me by accident).

Before I quit the game to write this I checked the leaderboards and there were 2 options, Max Levels and Total Score. Max Levels was pointless since anyone that won the game would have 32 whole Total Score had people in the millions and considering I only had around 60,000 points 1/4 through the game you can only assume they’re either hackers or masochists.

Overall it’s an absolutely terrible game and a good example of what is wrong with mobile development and the effects of it being ignored by big companies simply because of money reasons.


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