Mario Ripoff Clones?! (Android) Comparison Review

It was meant to be a review spree of multiple Mario Ripoffs to show off what I’d be willing to but it turned into a huge pain in the ass. As if being a ripoff wasn’t bad enough I found that there were games that were clones of each other meaning I had to make up a new review type so I didn’t copy myself. Because of the sheer amount of clones I will only have screenshots from 3 at the moment.

So far these clones only include the following in order of played (and screenshots): 

  • Super Mario by voleègames
  • Super Smash Jungle World by ImoGame
  • Super Bros Mario by Shield Blitz

Super Mario (oddly referred to as Super Kro in its description) is a platformer created by voleégames and a very noticeable Super Mario Bros ripoff. Oddly the icon suggests you play as a monkey which I’m sure is used in another ripoff.

The usual similarities are volume sliders in the options the strange fact that the games never stick to the title on the store (or have a logo at all). They all have leaderboards and achievements too but oddly some don’t make them accessible via the menu. The graphics were some of the only worthwhile differences between them though and the fact that some used gameplay picture as a background. Best looking menu was Super Smash Jungle World (2nd one) while the worst belonged to Super Bros Mario (3rd one).

Hitting the play button brought you to slightly different looking level select screens which were once again the same as each other. Same amount of levels and worlds to choose from and even the glitch where you can quickly press left twice from World 2 to end up on a non-existent World 0 aka screen with no levels is present in all of them. 

The games also had microtransactions which included getting more coins for powerups, unlocking worlds early and removing adverts. The former 2 are honestly only needed if you’re lazy but removing ads is almost necessary with how they throw a full page ad in your face after every level and death of varying terribleness (although I can’t for reasons). Nothing stopping a child spending someone elses money on them though so its not a good thing either way.

The graphics when you get into the game were as bad as you expect but that was probably because they didn’t make them, some had really bad tiling problems where they literally just took a template and pasted in some visuals. You could tell said graphics were implemented badly but I’ll mention that further down. Either way Super Smash Jungle World being the better one with more detail at the time of writing. As for music it was the same in most of them other although some had a few different (still likely just stolen).

Everything that you remembered from the original Super Mario Bros has an equivalent im this game. Firstly the controls were obviously meant to mimic a NES controller except while shooting and jumping was easy they all had a flaw where you couldn’t jump properly when holding down A to run (despite my tablet having 5 finger touch support). Luckily this wasn’t an immediate game breaker, merely making the game seem slower and stopped you from getting 5000 at the end level pole. There was a good controls flaw though, the attack button could be spammed to fire a lot of projectiles and while its overpowered its secretly something I wish I could do in the official games.

 Gameplay wise all the level types were there, so was enemies with an example being snails are the equivalent of a koopa. Both coin chambers and coin heaven have their ripoff equivalents too. Some of the powerups seemed a bit dumb though, for example at least 2 used a shield icon for the star power which made no sense. There was also really bad lag sometimes which in turn basically neutered your jumping ability, after playing multiple versions of the same thing I theorise its caused by badly implemented graphics as the slightly more ‘detailed’ ones cause far more lag than others.

Every 10 levels is a castle type level with a boss as the end, the first being a scorpion which is really easy to beat. Strangely though despite all the things they copied from the game there is no lever. Problems did come up when playing the first castle, on top of the already explained lag at times if you were unlucky or dumb enough to get defeated by the boss its walking sound effects will keep playing in the background forever (literally nothing will stop it, you can only quit and relaunch the game).

Something else I’d like to mention is because of the fact these are clones of each other the leaderboards seem kind of pointless, after all you don’t know who’s really the best if all the players are scattered across the different ‘versions’. I assume someone out there would be fine abusing the achievements though.

Overall they’re ok for being ripoffs and $1 doesn’t seem like much but because the stpre is flooded with them As you can tell though, I do not recommend playing with adverts at all. Also I kind of wish I had a rooted device so I could use a controller to touchscreen app.


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