Super Adventure World of Mario (Android) Review

Super Adventure World of Mario is a platformer created by Video36 which is one of many Super Mario ripoffs on the store. Surprisingly though this has been updated so it might not be as bad as those to come.

There’s something missing…

You could tell the quality wasn’t going to be that good when the menu was literally a background, a lazily done logo, a button and some ear piercing constantly repeating jingle that’s supposed to be music. Clicking on the play button takes you to a level select of sorts (where you just play level after level) but the castle was definitely made quickly in MS Paint.

The gameplay was immediately bad the second you started and there was more super repetitive ‘music’ too. Not only was the hitbox seemingly off and the movements strange, the graphics and animations were also bad essentially multiplying how terrible it looked. In fact holding down jump caused the game to lag like crazy.

Blocks worked as you’d expect and so did the enemies although the gimmick with this game is you have bullets which work like the fire flower (because you’re a cop) with limited ammo. You don’t even keep the ammo in between levels and dying throws you to the level select (after throwing a full page ad in your face) because there’s technically infinite lives. Also your life bar is actually only 2 hits which makes it pointless.

In the castle level there wasn’t really much of a difference from the 4 previous levels other than the fact there was a boss. Because of how the fireballs worked and how broken the collision was jumping on it was almost impossible so you had to collect the bullets and not miss at all with them. Its impossible to win by going past the voss which is disappointing but honestly that’s not the only thing you’d expect that doesn’t happen. You can actually get a star but nothing gives you points at all if killed by it defeating the point.

Not that it matters though, beating the boss led me to realise there was only 5 levels in the entire game despite the obvious lies on the store page itself. I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have to play amymore of this though.

Overall a terrible mario ripoff and definitely not worth downloading ever, although if someone thought they’d get something even slightly good with a name like that they deserve to play it.


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