Sword of King Arthur (Android) Review

Sword of King Arthur is a adventure game and Legend of Zelda ripoff for Android created by Andre Themistocles where you play as Rini on his journey to get King Arthur’s sword. How do I know its a ripoff? Because the store picture is literally a recolored picture of adult Link and the ingame sprite seems to also be a badly recolored Link.

They couldn’t even get the adverts right…

Immediately after another seemingly copyright infringing picture (that disappears really quickly) you are met with a terribly bad menu with black bars and and ugly font. Music is sort of cool but its obvious its totally out of place and probably just taken from some free to use site (or just stolen). There is also no options at all so hoped there was at least some effort in the gameplay.

And there wasn’t any real effort at all. Graphics were terrible and obviously just stolen and then pasted using some sort of editor causing gaps between tiles, loads of blurring and even graphical glitches from the very first room. However that wasn’t the only problem immediately noticeable, for some reason the game can’t even do the bushes right and they respawn in almost immediately after cutting them. The attacks seem incredibly spammable too although finding out the bow is 2 times stronger with piercing makes the sword almost pointless.

In fact it just kept getting worse. Every room had its own blatantly stolen music that didn’t actually fit. The sound effects didn’t seem right either. The person in the house couldn’t be talked to and the giant pot couldn’t be smashed. Enemies are blatantly stolen too, one example being a purple octorock and collision is so bad not only can you be hit into oblivion by the jumping things but merely touching the edge of a hole causes you to fall in. All of these problems I found within the first 3 rooms (excluding the pointless house).

After a few rooms I realised killing monsters didn’t seem to do anything but by then it was too late. I was in a huge room filled with the most annoying monsters including 2 seemingly unkillable ones that are essentially insta-kill too. Even if you defeat loads of enemies I have a bad feeling they respawn and the fact no exits appear means you’re stuck there forever. And that includes when you use continue.

Overall I can definitely not recommend it ever, in fact if you have the time please help me nuke it from the store by reporting it for IP Infringement. Just because its believed companies don’t care about copyright oaw on mobile for money reasons its still worth trying.


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