Orcarina (Android) Review

Orcarina is an app for Android created by Leugim Starwind which lets you play songs from the popular N64 game called Legend of Zelda:Orcarina of Time using virtual controls. On top of that there are apparently a few more instruments to use, an recognition autoplay which you can toggle on/off and a songbook.

I have quite a negative view of supposed fan created apps, they never put in the amount of effort they should and even if they do its apparent they aren’t a very good developer. There is no menu or title screen to this app, it just throws you straight in there.

There’s some effort put into the options I suppose, not only can you change background between a few presets or have a custom one there is also some customisation for the sound itself like how long each note takes to decay. Although thats not that special when the background is always obstructed by a huge translucent orcarina and anything other than the orcarina sounded terrible.

The ‘songs’ are ultimately super tiny jingles so aren’t exactly easy to remember yet they made the songbook a completely different page instead of integrating it to the main screen in any way. That’s not even mentioning the fact that its only made for the auto recognition, if you wanted to play a full song yourself you’d need either great memory or a second device set to YouTube videos or something. Actually clicking on a song does nothing and its apparent that somehow the app was built badly enough that each song has to apparently be programmed to work with each instrument separately meaning some only work eith the orcarina anyway.

On top of this the developer had the cheek to throw a full page ad in your face the first time you play a song (or have it auto recognised) on top of the more ignorable banner ad. You’d think a fan would put more effort into something especially if they actually got a tiny bit of money from it too.

Overall you’ll never know if this was made by an innocent fan or not but either way its terribly made and does not deserve any sort of ads at all. The full page ad is the killer blow to something I already couldn’t recommend to anyone.


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