Navi (Android) Review

Navi is an Android app created by Hannah Mittelstaed for the purpose of simulating the annoying nature of Navi from Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time via your notification bar.

Opening up the app gives you what you see above, a picture of the great deku tree with a button on it and as soon as I saw it I knew the app would be practically nothing. What I expected was some kind of background process that would throw a random message at you at a randomised but also customisable frequency which in turn would be great in you have “Hey, Listen” as your notification sound but in truth its practically nothing.

You can technically just leave the notification there while not in the app but thats still stupid.

You press the button, it comes up with the notification then you press it to get a small message and text reaction. An example would be “This Area is Dangerous” with the reaction being “-_- I Know”. And that’s about it, not only can’t you get any while not using the app but as someone pointed out in one of the store reviews the creator never thought of adding there own messages and instead relied solely on the limited amount of ingame ones which takes a very short time to exhaust.

Overall the idea would of been amusing if it was well made but sadly a lot of fan made stuff isn’t. I doubt this will ever get updated either.


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