Legend of Zelda Wallpapers (Android) Multi-Review

Something cool that mobile devices have is something known as Live Wallpapers which are basically wallpapers that either just move or are also interactive. As you can guess there are also a lot of fan created ones so I thought I’d review some Legend of Zelda ones from worst to best (don’t mind the deja-vu).

Triforce Live Wallpaper by BishamonTEN somehow defeats the others in how bad it is, before fixing its glitch by turning on and off random its practically just 3 spinning 3D triangles and even whem its fixed they don’t seem to actually meet to create it defeating the point of the wallpaper. Also it has the option to have battery level affect the rotation speed but its a stupid gimmick, full charge makes it spin stupidly fast. Overall definitely not worth getting.

Triforce Wallpaper by RobotSideKick is easily one of the worst ones despite apparently having multiple updates. There are no customisation options, the background doesn’t fill the whole screen and the animation when you click is so boring there’s just nothing good about this wallpaper.

Triforce 3D Live Wallpaper by Narlic doesn’t really have anything terribly wrong with it, there is just nothing good. The animation is alright but the only customisation is to toggle the ability to toggle the animation on/off every time you press the screen and choose a color to have as the background. Not worth downloading.

This one is Triforce HD 3D Live Wallpaper by Mike Lloyd and as you can guess by the name its actually quite bad. The colors are definitely there and so is the animation (which either goes in and out of the screen or just spinning in place) but the optional background is stuck at 4:3 ratio and therefore has black bars taking up more of the screen than itself. The only other options worth mentioning are the speed options including the battery options which slows its rotation as you run out of battery. Overall not worth installing.

Gate of Time Live Wallpaper and Triforce Mirror Live Wallpaper are 2 wallpapers by Abusive Studios and easily the best ones on the store. Both featuring really cool gates that can open and close there are also good options including one for performance. The ones for camera basically affect how it moves and there’s a color option that lets you completely change the colors used including the background which I thought was great (The Triforce Mirror wallpaper starts white). Both are worth getting also I personally prefer the mirror.

Thanks for reading, I’ll probably do stuff like this every now and then. I’d like to say I’d do it often but there’s not many Live Wallpapers when you search specific stuff and most are really bad too.


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