Android Games – Reviewing loads based on Searches/Themes?

I’ve been saying I’d be up to go on a spree of Android reviews (of free games) for quite a while now but despite this I’ve never really got the motivation to do any more than 2 in a day. I mean I don’t get comments on anything so I’m not entirely sure what my readers actually want. However the other day I realised there were a lot of different ways I could just download a load and review them back to back (as my style of review allows me to do that).

Practically everything comes with tonnes of results (including obviously shit ones).

Most simple sort of theme would be what sort of game as even then its never that simple as you can see in the search above, honestly it should be a bad thing but it also means I definitely wouldn’t be bored doing multiple of them. Obviously I wouldn’t always go for generic searches like Football, Stunt Bikes etc though. There’s something else I could do though that’s probably worse yet more interesting in the long run.

A lot of these results are both pointless and terrible…

That would be to search games that definitely aren’t on Google Play (and some that are) and marathoning all the games that are inspired or shitty ripoffs from them as well as some of the apps. I had the idea when I wanted to show Twitter how bad the Google Play store was but then it hit me that the quickest way to get the point accross was not to simply show a screenshot but to show you each one individually.

So with that explained feel free to spam the comments with a bunch of games or searches that I should check out and perhaps share this post so I can hopefully get suggestions from other people too.


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