Ignatius (Android) Review

Ignatius is a puzzle platformer for Android created by Sons of welder where a boy named Ignatius, bored with his life, meets a mysterious theatre director called Vigo who takes him to a strange world known as the oneiric film reality. The goal of the game is to travel around this world and find a way out.

Seems playing that small ‘game’ called “The End of the World” has greatly affected what Google Play recommends me to get.

Awkwardly just like the last review I did this was another game going for the dark and creepy puzzle vibe. Graphics seemed alright from what you could see especially the logo but it should of been bigger. As for music its seems like a lullaby which would work well but they added a frequent tv-like noise that completely ruins it for the sake of being ‘creepy’.

As for options it has 2 control schemes of virtual buttons and swiping as well as 2 languages, 1 being notably english but I don’t recognise the other although I assume its the games original one. There was also a bit of story before you got into the game, a bit strange that they’d have an older man remembering when he was a kid since it was a short (picture based) cutscene either way.

After the tutorial the game immediately picks up the pace which makes the fact the controls are quite easy to use a very good thing. Graphics and music are quite nice but perhaps everything is a bit too blurry for my liking. At least the game was nice enough to give you visual cues like red meaning evil for example.

Gameplay itself seemed quite simple with the main buttons being move, jump and interact. The goal was to go around the level and collect all the pieces of the reel in order to activate a portal to the next level. The levels start off being simple but soon become slightly different when you find yourself having to go left and right. 

You could also collect pieces of a book that would together tell a short story of Vigo but while it was interesting it did also worry me a bit, there were only 12 pages and the fact I had found 2 pages in a row meant there wasn’t many levels. It did explain why it introduced platforms over bottomless pits in the very first level though.

Here’s the first boss: Dripping Acid Tap Round Bird-like Flying Robot Thing.

I was surprised that there was a boss battle once I had completed 4 levels but honestly I didn’t like it at all. The boss was easy once you learn its strategy but it had to be hit 10 times and to do that you had to activate 2 switches on each side of the room eaxh time while dodging its acid drips. On top of that it tries to trick players by having the boss suddenly turn and go towards you when you activate the first switch (if it was going the other way).

I did beat it though and get to other stages but I ultimately just ran into something else I didn’t like instead. In Stage 7 tou actually meet another person and as you’d expect that means you have to escort them. I’m not saying escort missions are bad or that this one is even that hard, I’m just personally terrible at them. The fact that you have start the level from the start every time you die definitely didn’t help this opinion.

Overall its an ok game but it does seem to have some flaws, I do admit other people seemed to have enjoyed it according to the store page so why not give it a try. Extra info, I embarrassingly had my Android Tablet’s brightness turned off for half of my play session so at first I thought the graphics were really bad.


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