Burn It Down (Android) Review

Burn It Down is a 2d adventure game for Android created by Tapinator where you controls a man who has lost his wife through a mansion filled with spikes for some reason. Also your only controls are left and right because you jump automatically.

It was obvious it was trying to be scary from the first screen with the creepy music and the blurred face as well as the inclusion of a very noticeable blood toggle. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it, after all shitty devs would definitely put ‘jump scares’ in. I believe the game even tells you to turn the volume up if you start a new game which is basically a huge red flag unless its a game made for relaxation (some games have a zen mode).

Getting into the game I realised the sound kind of annoyed me, I’m just personally not a fan of ‘creepy’ music. It works but ultimately feels cheap but nowhere near as cheap as a jump scare does which I didn’t see. Graphics seemed alright, it at least got its point across and you could tell what kind of people the man and dead woman are but then again the background was annoying.

As for controls, it strangely seems like the gameplay was built around them. As the player you could only move left and right but if you are at a certain speed when you reach a ledge you’ll jump. At first it seemed you’d merely need to run past spikes before they come back or jump over them but it turned out there were times that needed you to quickly stop in trap areas to stop yourself leaping to your death. Can’t say I thought it was awesome, but I got through around half without much frustration.

Getting even further I found the game was both forgiving and unforgiving, I don’t know if it makes any narrative difference but you had no lives just a death counter and the time limit doesn’t actually stop you completing the levels if it runs out. Challenging things like slowly going through the spikes were annoying at first but could be worked out without too many deaths. The most annoying thing was probably your wife’s ghost, you die if you get caught but you actually scream as compared to just a crunching noise when you get spiked or squashed by dropping spiky squares (like the ones in super mario but obviously not alive). There were shadow guides which show you how to win levels but you’re only given 3 and I believe you pay real money if you want more (although it’s very ignorable).

Talking about screaming though this game surprisingly has voice acting, as well as his wife’s ghost sometimes speaking a few lines that the man doesn’t seem to notice there are also points where the main character will walk past something and comment on it. The story didn’t really pull me in enough to want to finish the game though, maybe I’ll try without the annoying ‘creepy’music at a later date.

Overall it seems like an ok game so I can recommend it if you like that sort of thing but I personally am not a fan of things that try too hard to be creepy.


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