PEACH BLOOD (Android) Review

[UPDATE: Not having an android device anymore I haven’t been able to go back to this, a comment I got ages ago suggests that not only was there things I didn’t work out but there may of been an update too]

PEACH BLOOD (yes, its all caps) is an adventure game for Android created by Lard Games where you play as a creature known as a vember eating smaller vembers while escaping the larger ones and whatever obstacles there are.

You’d think a logo like that would be animated but it isn’t.

It was obvious looking at the main menu that this game was quite minimalistic in graphics and possibly even gameplay, can’t say it’s entirely a bad thing but honestly its almost the 3D equivalent of ‘retro styled’ aka starting to get over used by indie devs.

Excluding the microtransactions button for coins and the one that removes ads which I’ll ignore (for now) there are 6 buttons in the menu. The ? re-shows you a small static tutorial, the speaker is just a sound toggle, 3rd option is a character select, the F is connection to Facebook and finally the podium and the cup are for highscores and achievements respectively.

Getting into gameplay it was quite simple to control and the graphics and music were alright. I did have a feeling why some people said the controls were clunky though, for some reason the smaller ones seemed to have far better manoeuvrability than you and the game its almost impossible to escape the big vember once you get into a certain range.

All you really had to do was run around eating the constantly spawning stuff so you wouldn’t think it would be that hard. There are some extra challenges in there though, mushrooms seem to give random effects and travel from each floating island means you can easily walk off (which the other vember do a lot).

After playing for a while I found out something I wasn’t really a fan of, if you didn’t eat vember like crazy at all times you’d start to shrink and do that even once and you’ll basically have a whole island of things that can kill you. There has been even a few times were I shrunk right in front of something I would of eaten and died. There is also no real indication od how long until tou shrink other than a pink effect when you’re running out.

What I found the most strange though was each vember was worth 1 point no matter what the size was, you’d think it would scale so the mushroom power up that makes you temporarily get bigger would seem worth getting. It makes me wonder if you could exploit it in some way but sadly the game isn’t the sort you can keep playing over and over.

Overall its an ok game and possibly worth a try but nothing special, the ad doesn’t really do anything so I never bothered to look at costs of anything. Its probably dumb but you can play without them.


One thought on “PEACH BLOOD (Android) Review

  1. This was indeed a horrible review. First off everything is timed with a timer, from power-ups to when you’re about to shrink. The number in the centre top displayed is total vembers eaten, and the number displayed to the right top is how many vembers left to eat in order to grow. Timer is displayed in circle around number in top right, and counts down in a pie chart fashion indicated by slightly different colours. If you are large and end up shrinking because you didn’t eat vembers quick enough, don’t worry; this is normal and will happen many times through game play. Vembers (at an eatable size) will always spawn regardless of how late in the game or what size you are, so shrinking isn’t a huge problem. The power-ups are as follows: Blue mushroom increases size for a set amount of time (blue pie chart timer in top right corner), Red mushrooms stop time and will stop all other vembers from moving for a specific amount of time. Green mushrooms speed up your vember so that you’re the fastest moving creature (timed by green pie chart). Things that aren’t power-ups but are negative modifiers are: Purple Haze causes controls to be reversed, and Ice Block freezes your vember in place for a moment. The White Portal will take you somewhere else on the map, or to a new map entirely, and the Black Portal will take you to something of a boss battle (be large as you can before entering). Other things include coins you eat to gather them, and little plants you eat to spawn them behind you and have them follow you around. All in all fun time waster; I still haven’t figured everything out.

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