The Boxtrolls (Movie) Review

The Boxtrolls is a 2014 animated movie made in 2014 directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable and written by Irena Brignull and Adam Pava. The plot of this movie is a human boy called Eggs, brought up by the titular box wearing Boxtrolls in a cavern underneath Chesebridge, has to save said Boxtrolls with the help of his friend Winnie from evil Archibald Snatcher who plans to capture them.

While it was obviously made to be watched in 3D it doesn’t make good screenshots.

Starting the movie gives you a good ideap of the animation which I thought was pretty decent and the music was ok but the plot was giving off warning sirens almost immediately with how weird it sounded. In fact being a kids film the bad guy was almost too obvious even though he was meant to make out that the Boxtrolls were the bad ones.

In fact the idea of incredibly stupid henchman (more stupid and unfunny than usual)  trying to capture weird creatures that seemingly couldn’t talk well would of put me off from continuing if I wasn’t reviewing this. Not saying it was terrible, they were definitely interesting to see how they live but I felt that overall it might not be that entertaining.

Don’t know how or why I managed to remove the 3D in this pic, still needs replacing.

I didn’t feel that sorry when the Boxtrolls were inevitably getting captured, perhaps its because they announced it at the very first minute of the movie. If they had kept Archibald’s existence a secret until Eggs’ goes out to find stuff with the Boxtrolls and then explained his reasoning it would be better. Not that there was many characters tou could care about, Winnie’s introduction had me too busy questioning how Eggs could speak when he was brought up by trolls to actually care about her and her rich dads dumb group of what is essentially posh cheese tasters (seriously though that is what the bad guy wants…).

A lot of the stuff in the movie seemed far more dumb when it was probably meant to be funny somehow, a few times where I really wanted to facepalm because of things no sane person would do. There were even things that were obviously untrue because of hints so strong they might as well be called self spoilers. It took around 50 minutes for Eggs and Winnie to finally team up and at that time I definitely doubted it’d be worth the wait.

No point hiding what app I’m using on a temporary screenshot.

For some reason you could see where there was meant to be suspense but it didn’t excite me at all nor did anything that was ‘revealed’ because you already knew it. Even the usual final battle against the bad guy Archibald wasn’t that good, he died as you’d guess but in a way you didn’t even see that wasn’t even because of the good guys. And that’s not even mentioning what happened to two of the minions.

Overall this movie tried and failed to be funny, if anything this is probably the type of movie that thinks kids will watch anything and ignores anyone older like me and I personally found it very boring and predictable. I do not recommend it.


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