Edward Scissorhands (Movie) Review

Edward Scissorhands is a fantasy movie made in 1990 and directed by Tim Burton where an inventor managed to create Edward but sadly passed away before he was finished leaving him with sharp metal shears for hands. He lived alone until one day a woman decides to take him to her home in Surburbia to live with her family where his adventures begin.

I really liked the music that was being used in this movie, gave it a really fairy tale feel to it and the fact the movie starts with an old woman telling a bed time story to their granddaughter (I think) makes me believe this was on purpose. You also had a glimpse of the run down mansion in the opening credits so graphics wise it didn’t seem that bad.

It did alright to introduce a lot of the characters including Edward in such a short time although the fact the mansion is so noticeable you kind of wonder why it ended up there and the reason no one wanted to go near it (other than the fact it probably was already creepy before the inventor died). You did have a nice surprise when she first steps through the gates though, it was almost like the movie was already trying to show a message of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” before we even got a proper introduction to Edward himself. The really good music definitely helped though.

Meeting Edward for the first time was cool and he seemed to be played well but I couldn’t help but be curious if the outfit design was something because of when the movie was made. Either way a mere facial change could of made him look super evil but they managed to pull off making him seem innocent from the very start. The fact that she takes him home after this was a little bit crazy though.

It was definitely amusing when he got home, while most movies are kinda boring when you know its building up to something I found it quite funny. Especially since quite a few of the people all felt important somehow as if it were the street itself that was a main character. The flashbacks of the inventor were also a nice thing to have.

The movie spent a good part of an hour having him continuously find new and surprisingly amusing ways to help the street as well as some weird bits to show how innocent he was which worked really well. You knew that something bad would happen because of that but you still looked forward to it regardless. In fact it takes a surprising amount of time for something to happen that you’d guess from the very beginning.

However it didn’t merely go downhill for Edward, it plummeted like a rollercoaster with no real hints of it going back up which really pulls you in, especially the last 20 minutes of the movie just after the inevitable had happened. In fact the ending was not the happy ending you’d probably want but it felt good anyway, it did make you realise a point that you somehow never noticed while watching despite it being obvious.

Overall I still really enjoy this movie and can recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it although I’d perhaps rewatch it at Christmas because of a certain point in the movie.


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