Ducktales the Movie: Legend of the Lost Lamp (Movie) Review

Ducktales the Movie: Legend of the Lost Lamp is an animated family movie directed by Bob Hathcock and written by Alan Burnett. The basic plot is Scrooge McDuck, his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and his niece Webbigail Vanderquack travel from Duckburg in search of treasure owned by a legendary thief known as Collie Baba. As a movie aimed at kids you can 100% tell there’s a message this movie will teach them. Note I watched this so late at night I couldn’t remember the bad guys name or the weasel’s.

Is it me or does the title remind you of Indiana Jones?

Being a family movie it introduced all the characters very quickly including the villain, some people might not like that Webbigail is there though (she’s apparently exclusive to the cartoon). Some of the minor characters had very stereotypical voices too although perhaps movies these days don’t do that enough. Music was quite nice like a lot of old movies but the graphics were a bit odd with the backgrounds looking far nicer than the characters themselves (although since they seem painted I can deal with that).

At the start we’re given an action packed 15 minutes of them actually finding the treasure and it was quite enjoyable even if a few things seemed a little silly. The main villain seemed pretty cool though, being a family film though he obviously had a dumb minion and he was a nice addition too. Of course this wasn’t really even the beginning, the movie truly starts after they take the lamp back.

Strange from the second he appears. I couldn’t tell what one of his questions was.

From then on it focused mainly on the comedy and how weird but interesting the genie was, while there’s been plenty of stories with genies not wanting to grant wishes one amusingly disguising themselves as a ‘cool’ kid was definitely unique (especially since he’s incredibly old as genies usually are). I really liked how when he talks about his old master aka the bad guy said bad guy goes from any old cartoon villain to pure evil (hint: he’s a mass murderer).

Although he didn’t seem so ‘terrifying’ with what happened almost immediately after that. Also among the fun action you could tell this was when it started hinting at something, after all even Uncle Scrooge seemed a little bit evil with what he did even if we’re already used to his insane love of money. That is of course until the bad guy starts getting more serious and Scrooge starts feeling bad for the genie.

The sudden twist with the weasel was quite entertaining, although I had watched the movie quite a while ago I was still surprised by it. Probably shouldn’t have been though, after all there’s nothing more believable than the fact an ill treated minion will definitely have big wishes (plus there’s what he was promised by the bad guy at the start). It’s also where the last action segment starts.

Something noticed is that no matter how dangerous everything should have been neither the traps or even the bad guy looked that way. It was only until he inevitably got the lamp back that he started what seemed to be what would lead to something truly terrible (makes you wonder how Collie Baba stole it), you could probably make a political message out of that but its probably not what the movie is trying to put across. Either way the last part was really enjoyable and the ending was nice too even if you could of guessed it. I quite liked how the bad guy was defeated where you don’t see him die but you know it was a horrible way to go.

Overall I liked the movie, probably helps if you already knew about the cartoon though. Those faithful to the comics will probably hate it though considering Webbigail is there and quite important to the plot too.


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