Beetlejuice (Movie) Review

Beetlejuice is a comedy made in 1988 written by Larry Wilson, Warren Skaaren and Michael McDowell before being directed by Mel Brooks and Tim Burton. The basic plot is 2 ghosts have been trying and failing to scare away a family of annoying humans that have moved into their home so they enlist the aid of a bio-exorcist in the hope that he can scare them away.

I don’t know how I ended up reviewing 2 Tim Burton films in a row. Quite a nice logo and almost immediately using good music as well although the opening credits were kind of weird. I was quite surprised at how you got a introduction to the 2 people before they died with the annoying family moving in soon after, I expected them to be long dead though this way was more interesting.

You definitely felt sorry for the 2 ghosts when the annoying family show up but I kinda felt sorry for them too when it hinted at the Bio-Exorcist who wasn’t actually named Beetlejuice but Betelgeuse (and Re: Zero watchers can’t trust that name ever again). The stepdaughter was obviously meant to be a good character though.

The fact the annoying family don’t see that isn’t the most surprising thing about this…

The 2 ghosts try to scare the unwanted guests almost immediately and surprisingly for people recently deceased they went all out, however like you’d expect none of it actually works even if it would probably freak out the viewer (if you saw it in real life). Although I was honestly quite curious of where they end up outside the house considering its really strange design (especially the sky). Although strange locations and characters seem to be a staple of Tim Burton films.

I found it quite interesting especially because none of it would go exactly how you thought it would although honestly you could tell a large part of the movie was really a buildup to the latter half. Either way there’s nothing that desperately seemed like a pointless addition and there were a lot of things I wanted answers for (although the answers were vague).

What I imagine might have put people off the movie is the fact that it takes around 45 minutes aka half the movie for the titular Beetlejuice (real name: Betelgeuse) to get properly introduced. You could definitely tell everything wasn’t going to go well from his personality though so I guess I should say the character was well acted. As for the design I’d assume he’s meant to be a zombie but not a freaky one like you’d see in a horror movie.

However even when he’s introduced it does take a little bit longer for him to be released and to start going downhill for the characters. I liked how Betelgeuse never seemed evil though even if the things he did would make you think that if they were explained to you. The ending was a bit dumb though, a satisfying and happy ending but still kind of dumb.

Overall an ok movie and I personally enjoyed it but I probably won’t rewatch it, something tells me I’d actually find it boring if I had already known what happens.


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