The End of the World (Android) Review

The End of the World is a short “side scrolling exploration game” for Android by Sean Wenham which follows a lonely man who feels that his world has ended after breaking up (according to the description). Because of this games length and it’s reliance on storytelling over gameplay there will be only 2 screenshots.

The fact that the menu screen was so simplistic with an ultra tiny credits and no music made me realise that this definitely doesn’t really think of itself as a game but more of an interactive experience, or at least thats the feeling I got when I saw it. Honestly though the name bugs me, it definitely works with this game but feels like it could also be used as the name for something completely different.

You don’t need to make him drink some coffee but it’d be cruel not to.

Getting into it I found the graphics were a nice style but the way the player character was animated wasn’t that nice to look at. The main idea was simply to walk left and right by holding the bottom of the screen on whatever side you want to go while looking out for objects to interact with and clocks which show you a glimpse of the past. The game is a tiny bit repetitive despite its short length and your  character walks really slow but that ultimately fits the style of the game, an interactive experience about a depressed guy isn’t supposed to be fun but nice.

I played twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything and there didn’t seem to be anything special you could do although technically most of the game was optional. All you needed to do was use the clocks which reveal something to press which shows a small glimpse of the past excluding the bedroom which doesn’t have a hidden thing but does change a few times. The end is a bit of a letdown though, I guess its because there’s literally no dialogue at all but at least I managed to get its message. Its quite obvious but I won’t spoil it.

Overall its ok as an interactive experience so it might be worth trying if you like that sort of thing but if you’re the person that just wants to have fun I’d definitely not recommend it.


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