Space Jam (Movie) Review

Space Jam is a 1996 family movie directed by Joseph Pytka in which real life Basketballer Michael Jordan ends up teaming up with the Loony Tunes in order to have a basketball game against a group of aliens where they’ll become a new attraction in a failing intergalactic amusement park if they lose.

Odd how it started with a tiny glimpse of a younger Michael Jordan (obviously an actor) but it did seem like it was both foreshadowing stuff and it fit the song used. While the actual movie seemed to have fine video quality the old footage of Michael Jordan seemed almost ancient in comparison. Its not that important though, I remember I used to like the music in this though.

The introduction to the aliens (the nerdlucks I believe) was nice, it was also an introduction to the animation which I believe has held up quite well except for a few things. It also counted as an introduction to the Loony Tunes in a similar way Michael Jordan was, with a compilation of existing clips of them in various episodes in which I could actually remember watching some.

I wouldn’t usually put 2 pictures in a row but since this uses a combination of animation and live action I felt it was needed.

It only takes around 10 minutes for you to actually see Bugs Bunny in their world though, the idea of there being a portal seemed a little dumb but who really cares when you get nice artwork like what you see above. The Loony Tunes style humor is there as well. Its more of a glimpse though before it goes back to the live action stuff with Michael Jordan in which you meet his family. I felt this is what people probably did not like about the movie and why it has such a low ranking despite actually having fans. I mean I didn’t really see anything wrong with it to be honest.

It could also be because it took 30 minutes for the movie to truly start or that the idea of the movie was really strange. The effects used on Michael Jordan had definitely aged though. Either way it was ok, I do really find it awkward with a person playing themselves though since I’ve stated before that I don’t care about actors (for a good reason).

Honestly while the main parts of the movie were cool the person that followed Michael around was kinda annoying although it seemed like he was meant to be so I got used to it. Seeing what was happening in the real world was quite amusing though, it was probably done that way so they could include popular Basketball players for longer but the movie would probably be too short without it (I don’t like when something is an hour or less as some TV shows have episodes that long).

The basketball match at the end was quite good although it felt like it could be a little longer, I do feel Bill Murray’s inclusion in the movie was incredibly pointless though and kind of ruined it a bit. I liked seeing each of the Loony Tunes using their particular skills as well as all the characters you could see in the audience and the way Michael scored the last point was actually a big surprise when I first saw it. What happened to the nerdlucks was a bit dumb though, kind of like filler characters in anime where it doesn’t matter what happened or how much you like them they’ll probably never be seen ever again.

Overall I still enjoyed the movie although I can see some reasons why its overall reputation is so low. Still maybe if you’ve seen it before perhaps its time for you to rewatch it.

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