There You Go (Android) Review

​There You Go is an isometric puzzle game for Android created by Octogear Games where the player tests their problem solving skills as they explore a labyrinth of rooms.

The title screen was definitely minimalistic with both no options or music at all even in the game which seemed a little sad but apparently the game is super short and its not even version 1 according to the store (yet oddly not in early access). At least the graphics seemed all right and I liked how the walls appeared and disappeared as the room turned (although you turn it yourself in game).

The gameplay was very simple but there was some thinking involved, you’d basically look around each room clicking things to see what they do to find the answers. Sadly though the first few were really easy and there are apparently not many at all (so no point even having a third screenshot). 

I did notice early on that there was seemingly pointless things in it though which I was curious about and because of that I believe I found the easter egg(s) so despite it only being a mere 10 rooms long I still enjoyed it and like everyone else would love to see a ‘full’ version with much more levels and secrets.

Overall I can recommend it if you’ve got 10-15 minutes to spare and like puzzles although you might find it too easy and do it even faster. Its free though so it doesn’t really matter.


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