50 Shades Of Roads (Android) Review

50 Shades of Roads is a puzzle game for Android by Hairy Gum Games where you sort old tiles of roads in order to connect them all, you can also get an optional car which will drive along the road earning an extra star if it doesn’t crash. The game boasts 400 basic levels as well as 4 unique every day.

This is the world select which scrolls, level select is a simple screen.

The game immediately throws you in the first level which isn’t something I like so I went to the world select and honestly I don’t like it as it feels like its trying to hard to be different, at least the level select was an easy to use screen instead. Music wss alright and graphics were ok for what kind they were. Options were there but nothing you wouldn’t see in other games.

The gameplay was quite simple, just clicking tiles to rotate them and making sure they all connect. However since the music was repetitive (which is usual though) and the graphics were also highly simplistic I felt like it wasn’t something I could play for long. For some reason I just found the levels a little too easy and while the screenshot is merely #13 I had actually gotten much further and had beaten the daily level.

Something weird I noticed is that the stars were actually a type of currency, not only did you need to save them up for cars but you could also use 2 to skip one level (which is a super dumb thing to do to be honest).

Without a car activated the game is more of a relaxing thing with not much challenge at all, it really just takes slightly longer as levels get more complicated. However if you do have one activated it will drive on the level and force you to complete sections before it crashes making it more fun in my opinion. It even awards you another star if you complete it like that.

Sadly though I still couldn’t see anyone playing this for large sessions, although considering there are daily puzzles perhaps it was made so you’d only do a few at a time. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with it, I personally just got a bit bored after a while.

Overall its an ok game, worth giving it a try but you may get tired of it quite quickly. The only question is will you go back to it after the first session.


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