Zootopia (Movie) Review

Zootopia is a 2016 action comedy written by Jared Bush and Phil Johnston before being directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. It follows Judy Hopps, a female rabbit in a huge city where all the sorts of animals live around each other and you can become anything (kind of like what people thought of New York), who joins the police force which usually has bigger animals so in order to prove herself she partners up with scam artist fox Nick Wilde in order to solve a mystery.

Being from this year I was immediately impressed with the graphics even though I was only watching in 720p. It was interesting to see how she was as a kid even if it was the usual stuff about something being impossible so they should have a boring life instead (in this case it was carrot farming). Seeing her size compared to some other characters was highly amusing too and that was before the movie had truly started. In fact there was a lot of small amusing things like the Bunnyburrow population counter and the list of song artists on her music player for example.

I don’t know why I fall for it knowing it gets better for her but you could help feel bad for her knowing exactly what she was about to walk into, perhaps it was because you’re literally rooting for the ‘little guy’ (in this case a girl). Another thing was that it seemed that it was use the ‘good cop, bad cop’ type of partnership that at least used to be popular (and still is?) even if one of them isn’t actually a cop.

Left: Judy Hopps, Right: Nick Wilde.

The minute Judy and Nick ever meet you could already tell it was going to be funny. The scam was pretty clever too since it was something that could only in this universe (but I won’t spoil it for you). It really was quite interesting, most animals were classed by their stereotypes but there were a few odd ones out other than just Judy. In fact seeing how everything somehow worked together was one of the best things about the movie, the world portrayed in it felt truly alive.

In fact I had gotten half way through the movie without any noticeable problems at all which surprised me, nothing had felt out of place or wrong in some way and the fact the truth was revealed slowly with the big reveal very near the end was a breath of fresh air compared to ones that shove it in your face early on (although you may guess who it is).

Doesn’t he look friendly…

While I mentioned all the little things and the character interactions I have to say the action sequences were actually quite cool even if they weren’t drawn out, even what she did in her job before taking on the case was cool. However if anything the mystery aspect of the movie was the best thing other than the characters, I was pulled in from the very beginning and continued to be pulled in further as they found new information.

The music video of “Try Everything” by Shakira at the very end was quite cool as well, giving one last glimpse of each of the more important characters of Zootopia and surprisingly didn’t feel tacked on like it does sometimes in other movies.

Overall I highly enjoyed the movie and can recommend it to anyone that likes watching animated family films. I could only afford to rent it digitally but I could easily watch it again in a few months perhaps.

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