Willow (Movie) Review

Willow is a 1988 fantasy movie written by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard about the titular Willow, a farmer and conjurer hoping to become a sorcerer, who ends up protecting a special baby from the Evil Sorceress Queen Bavmorda since its prophesied that she’ll end her reign.

From the very beginning you could tell it was an old movie but it definitely wasn’t a bad thing, not only do old movies havs their own charm but it’s a breath of fresh air to watch something where the actors aren’t buried in make-up. The music was alright but sadly that doesn’t age as well.

The story starts off quite powerfully, there’s not many stories that can make you you feel bad for 2 characters that die super quickly and absolutely hate the ‘bad guy’ (the Sorceress) in a mere 5 minutes. What happens afterwards in definitely weird though, I can’t remember the last time there’s been a main character that already had a family (which doesn’t get murdered or kidnapped). It does take a little for the movie to truly start but its nice to get a good idea of the main characters personality. The Elwin (aka the short people) definitely look strange though.

Here’s Willow with his wife just before he leaves on his journey.

An odd thing about the movie is that early on you notice there are a lot of side characters and that not everyone stays for very long even if they seem important in some way. However most of the characters are interesting despite this and the main characters are quite good. The names sounded a little dumb though, especially Madmartigan which isn’t a spelling mistake. His introduction was quite interesting too and there was a little bit of foreshadowing that even I didn’t notice (in fact there’s more foreshadowing tham you’d think).

While the story had pulled me in though and the music was ok the special effects had aged terribly (although a few were ok), this was most noticeable whenever the tiny people were on screen although this is to be expected considering there was no super detailed CGI or green screen software back then. I can’t say the comedy of this movie is the type that caters to a lot of people either but it probably would of been shitty without it.

Her name is Sorsha and she ends up in quite an awkward situation.

Around half way through the movie the comedy dies down and it gets far more action packed than the first half was and well worth the wait. The buildup was starting to pay off and all the actions (including the early ones and especially the last one) was satisfying to watch. Although General Kael was a bit boring to be honest (I was sort of hoping he’d seem more powerful and that a certain object would fall on his head).

The end was quite nice with everything wrapping up nicely and a few little things to lighten the mood with the obvious thing being Willow going back to his village with the knowledge of a bit of magic. It almost made you want a sequel even though tjats impossible and it would probably be bad , (imagine a time skip where the special baby and Willows kids were older and Bavmorda came back somehow).

Overall I liked it but I can also tell why it got mixed reviews when it first came out, if you like other old movies of the time I totally recommend watching it though.


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