Song of Pan (Android) Early Access Review

Song of Pan is an Puzzle Platformer on Android currently in Early Access created by Thumbspire where you play as Pan the Satyr collecting Zeus’ sheep with the help of an enchanting flute. This game caught my attention by not looking like everything else.

It was a little bit awkward how the game threw you straight into the game and not the menu’s but luckily you weren’t locked into it. The menu’s looked really good looking and the hub world where you choose each level was nice too. Options were simple with a music/sound toggle as well as alternate touch controls if you don’t like virtual buttons. Nothing jumped out as bad as I was expecting.

There were also chapter cutscenes and not only were they great but I also love how they were actually integrated into the chapter hub itself (you walk in front of it to activate it). I was actually looking forward to playing it after seeing how everything else was.

The game zooms out if you leave it, super useful for screenshots.

Gameplay was quite simple at first but that didn’t stop it from immediately grabbing my attention. The main gameplay consisted of getting the musical notes which causes the sheep to follow you for a time limit so you can take them to the hut, it does add more elements quickly though e.g. 1-3 introducing pushing and 1-4 introducing using sheep as a platform (which you may find out before by accident). As you can guess the controls are quite easy to use.

The music in the game was quite nice and the graphics were alright, it’s not amazing but its not bad either. It could be how some of the stuff is shaded but I can’t really tell and as long as the gameplay is good I don’t really care.

Those statues are actually clues which is quite cool.

Carrying on in the game I found that the devs had skillfully put together enjoyable challenges without any crazy difficulty spikes. It actually took me a few tries to beat the above level (amusingly you get an achievement for the first time a sheep falls to its death). There were 2 bugs I found while playing though although I did expect some to appear at a point. First was realising if 2 or more sheep fall at once it only registers 1 of them. Second bug was a few times getting stuck for a second in the jumping animation in 2-6 but I don’t know why. However these both only happened once each.

I found the game highly enjoyable and made it all the way to 4-4 out of the 5 chapters in the review session alone, I guess that means it’d be quite short for skilled people but honestly the finished version definitely deserves to have a price on it (even if I only can download free stuff at the moment). It apparently has in app purchases according to the store page but oddly I was able to play the whole thing, there was probably supposed to be a paywall somewhere so I’ll just consider this an accidental review copy unless told otherwise.

Overall I can recommend this game already, truth is unlike early access on steam this game has already been playtested and the quality shows. Give it a try yourself and if you like it perhaps share the link to other people: Song of Pan.


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