R.I.P. JoJo the Budgie

Today was meant to be a good day, I jad a great sleep and finally got anpther Android review written since no one gave me suggestions (that I could do). However on the way to get a drink I suddenly notice JoJo lying on the floor dead even though he was happy and playing with his toys earlier today.


I first met JoJo on my birthday a mere 2 months 10 days ago and honestly I wasn’t that happy, we don’t have much money and I live off ESA since I can never find a job. I actually wanted a £13 graphics card for the old PC (that currently doesn’t work). Despite this I couldn’t not fall in love with a tiny baby Budgie when it was placed in my hand.

Getting him to like me was a bit difficult, my Aunts dog had scared it not long after I got it so for some time it was scared of a lot of things and refused to let me stroke him but eventually he did. Nan wanted him to eventually speak while I just wanted him to be happy so Nan bought a bunch of toys and he absolutely fell in love with anything with a mirror or a bell, he was super talkative and loved to show off by going through hanging rings and even hanging on the top of the cage like a bat. Sadly the 2 pictures in this post are the only 2 I ever got.

He wasn’t camera shy at all.

Briefly talking about me this even reminded me of my worrying lack of ability to show emotions, I can’t actually cry despite really wanting to (My Nan was extremely upset about it). I’m not asking for pity or anything but I would like to warn anyone with depression not to bottle up or hold back your emotions since if you do you’ll end up damaging yourself. I mean writing this did make me feel a little bit better.

While Nan recently got a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier puppy and we still have the dogs and the hamsters there is no way I want to see anything else new, while JoJo was the 2nd Budgie I’ve ever had (first was Ben who I accidentally taught to give me kisses but didn’t own anything to take his picture) I’m sure he’s the last. I’ve already been burned out plenty of times by putting loads of effort into something and getting nothing back and I don’t feel like going through it again.

If you want to help me out perhaps suggest a game that works via an emulator on Android or a free Android game/app to review to distract myself. I also am willing to review old movies, manga, anime and possibly other stuff if you ask nicely but practically no one reads them. Either way thanks for reading this, you’re a good person.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. JoJo the Budgie

  1. So sad about it 😥 I got a cockatiel which is now 30 months old and I don’t know how it could be to find him dead one morning, I don’t even want to think about it……
    If you want to distract I would suggest one of the LucasArts old style graphic adventures, maybe Sam& Max, which is quite funny…or maybe one of the King Quest…

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I can tell you to find any animal dead is absolutely horrible. I sure hope yours lasts a lot longer. I should be able to play those games, been meaning to try one of the Kings Quest games because I see them on a lot of Retrogaming lists.

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