Am I the only one interested in ALL videogame glitches?

Every now and then when I’m not accidentally finding them in games I play I like to watch videos of other people finding glitches, after all I can’t afford many games so it makes an overplayed game a bit more interesting or at least makes a playthrough a bit different from the rest. However from what I’ve seen on YouTube while people like to show off glitches they’ve found themselves most hate anything that isn’t an exploit.

In case you didn’t know an exploit is when you use the games mechanics in a way that intentionally breaks the game in some way but helps the player. This could include simple things like cloning items, infinite lives (something I stumbled upon once in one of the GBA Spyro games) to completing the game in insane speeds. If you want to see how crazy exploiting can go search up some Tool Assisted Speedruns and have your mind blown.

Obvious to most people though is glitches are a much more wider category ranging from things that can literally kill a game to things you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t shown a comparison. I admit exploits are definitely the better kind while the ones that occur randomly can be a bit annoying since I like recreating them but I actually like all of them even if they don’t help you at all including the ones that do the opposite. 

One of my favourite types that is not always useful is escaping the map and while it definitely can be used to cheat in a surprising amount of games the thing I try doing it for is finding things hidden by the developer that are interesting except not an easter egg. An example of this would be in Defiance where you can get behind the playable area of an island by jumping and a tree branch and running along the rooftops to find a completely untextured house, plus like most games objects in the distance are usually pictures of have huge bits missing to save space. While falling off the map entirely is sort of the same thing its usually the more boring kind since you either die, respawn or fall forever until there’s nothing interesting to look at.

Its really hard to talk about them though, on top of so many varieties it all changes depending on the game too. Finding anything is fun in a well made game but if the game is a buggy mess then I assume anything could happen anyway. Ultimately though I kinda jist writ this because I felt like it and thats why it looks terrible. I want to find a way to make content interesting but a glitch video of Assassins Creed 2 got totally ignored (I think I got fed up and deleted it too) and I don’t like the idea of making Top 10’s.


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