Wopic (Android) Beta Review

Wopic is an unreleased runner game for Android by Newando where you play as cartoony animals dodging obstacles, spinning enemies and collecting mushrooms. Nothing really jumps out at you on the store page but it still looks ok.

Update 20/10/16: Was notified of an update which greatly improved on the original beta so I edited some parts of the review with hints of what it used to be like.

The update added a lot, not only was the UI improved and a logo added but they even put the leaderboard on the side instead of the previous button which also extends to the gameplay. The music was still ok but it fit the game so thats all that matters. 

The options were good enough and the fact you could relook at the tutorial was a nice thing to have. As for customisation it was majorly improved, on top of the 4 characters there were also ‘cards’ you could buy with the coins which included things like different level parts which were all interesting additions to not so important (but nice) things like day/night. Speaking of coins, the update not only made things seem cheaper but also made getting coins far easier too. Anything extra like more characters (e.g. a wolf) can wait until the full version.

The gameplay felt far better than before even on Hard and Graphics seemed improved over the previous versions, far more colorful and the day/night toggle was cool and even the water reflecting the level was a nice touch. The characters shooting energy balls still seemed a bit weird but honestly to change those to something character specific like a bone for the dog isn’t important (maybe final release).

Gameplay has been improved overall as well, not only did jumping and rolling seem easier but I was never again placed in a situation that seemed impossible (Hard was nice and challenging). The energy balls seemed easier to get as well meaning that I didn’t feel like I had to save them up anymore plus you bank the coins you get every round which is super useful.

Something new altogether in the update was the improved score which not only tells you what you have but compares it to the one above so its great for competitive people as it has both global and friends (although it seems only 10 people have played it so far).

The only reason I’m in the top 10 is because only 10 people played…

Also thanks to the devs I was taught about what the pictures did, basically grabbing a mushroom would make pictures appear and pressing said pictures would give you some points. The reason I had gotten confused is because the idea was to connect to Facebook but since only 10 people played te game at the time of writing its almost impossible for any friends to be there so it uses pictures of the characters instead.

I actually don’t really have anymore suggestions, there’s obviously things I’d think would be cool like more characters and replacing the energy ball with character specific projectiles but those are cosmetic changes and unimportant. The gameplay itself is quite fun and unless the developer feels like he can improve it I feel its quite good as of now.

Overall its quite a promising beta, its quite a big upgrade from the previous version and I thank the developer for informing me of the update. Despite still being in beta I recommend giving it a try yourself by downloading it, here is the link.


5 thoughts on “Wopic (Android) Beta Review

  1. Thanks for your review. As I wrote you on twitter it is really useful to me.
    About the strange section…
    As you thought your points are doubled if your are able to keep both alive. (There will be sections with 3 simultaneous characters for the higher level.)
    The pictures you saw appear when you get the mushrooms. If you did login with facebook you can tap the pictures of the characters and get more points. In the final release if you login with facebook and grant publish permissions ( indispensabile to publish your score and enjoy the leaderboard), you get the profile pictures of your facebook friends playing Wopic.And you can tap them to get points.
    Unfortunately facebook requires a validation and it needs time. But I hope to end the process when the game will be released.
    Anyway I’ll find a better way to explain this feature in the tutorial πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for informing me, you may notice the reply was quite late. That was because I was updating the review after playing the new version, its quite a huge improvement so I say congratulations on a good job. Hope this gets you some more players πŸ™‚


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