Banya (Manga) Review

Some manga ‘scanlations’ only have the front cover.

I don’t know how I keep accidentally choosing Manhwa (basically Korean Manga) instead but it doesn’t really matter. This time its a story created by Kim Young Oh where Banya, the “Explosive Delivery Man” of the Gaya Desert Post Office, agrees to take a package from a wounded soldier only to find its more important than he thinks. There’s also apparently a war between humans and monsters going on.

Impressions of the first chapter was that the art style was definitely decent and the main character slightly interesting there wasn’t really anything that pulled you in at that point. The second chapter did tell you a bit about his past as well as introducing another character although they used the common amnesia stuff in order to hide any interesting information about him. Its only until thetp third chapter that the story really starts but since most of the designs aren’t that interesting people might get bored by then, sometimes a good color page can fix that though.

Carrying on reading it there wasn’t really anything to set it out from the rest a although they definitely proved how evil the bad guys were without having to describe them in any way (although the lack of info is annoying). Characters almost seem to die for the sake of dying especially one near the start. It also started to throw seemingly fantasy stuff into the mix which honestly felt unnecessary.

Final impressions were that no characters seemed properly fleshed out and that ruined it for me, in fact the ending almost seemed a little bit rushed with the sudden and unnecessary plot twist (although it did make a bit of sense). Ultimately I finished the Manhwa with the feeling that I’ll probably forget it soon.

Hope it was an OK read, perhaps suggest completed stuff for me to read/review so I stop accidentally choosing Korean instead of Japanese.


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