‘Free TV’ Apps (Android) Multi Review

Lets say you’re TV’s busted or something, you can’t be bothered to search the internet and you just want to watch some random TV without paying for a subscription. Well like most things there are an insane amount of apps that claim to do this to an extent and I’ve picked out a whole bunch of them to put here in short 1 paragraph reviews. If this sort of thing gets enough interest I’ll do a multi review for the movie equivalent of these. Currently done 4/9.

1. YuppTV


YuppTV is actually for Indian channels and therefore useless to most people including me but it does have around 6 english channels on top ofall the non-english ones, it even seemed to have catch up for some of the channels as well. Sadly I can’t actually watch any of them despite the fact the app seemed quite usable, for some reason it puts the channels behind a registration wall where you need to put in a phone number and receive a text which is totally pointless if you don’t have a phone. This is made worse since it gives you the option to log in via Facebook which does absolutely nothing. You can watch small news videos and what seems to be non-english YouTube videos but that sadly doesn’t make the app any less useless to me. No subtitles for any of the non-live programs which was a bit odd too.

2. MobiTV


MobiTV is a seemingly non specific TV app that claims to have 300+ channels, recording and the ability to stream to your TV. While the app seemed professional which sections for Live TV seperated by country and even stuff to watch on demand it loved to spam ads in your face from the second you load it up. There is also a paywall for a lot of the stuff including the ability to watch in HD (also a watermark in the top right corner). However while the first impressions are bad and it takes ages to load you can actually watch some TV using this app, the quality is probably not that good for tablets but it would probably be great on phones (as long as you don’t have a shitty data limit). There’s also a bunch of really old movies you can watch if you’re fine with the fact there is no stretching to fill the screen (I could probably review them too since the watermark is outside of the video). Overall its pretty decent, I can’t tell if it would be worth paying any money to subscribe and upgrade it though.

3. TV Online


TV Online is an app seemingly made by a single person that doesn’t seem to boast that much although the description is sadly a bit engrish. Sadly this should of been seen as a warning as all channels are in another language despite some of them being recognisable, it would of been a tiny bit usable to me if there was an audio language option since stuff like Toonami was there (see screenshot) but there wasn’t and no subtitles either. Do note the advert at the bottom is only there while the menu is open which is quite good.

4. Live NetTV


Live NetTV is an app that promises that it isn’t fake but despite how new it is and the amount of 5 star reviews I’ll review it just the same. It let me watch channels insanely fast though if you’re ok with the sd quality and while finding the channels wasn’t that easy there didn’t seem to be any noticeable or intrusive ads. On top of that you can choose what video player to use in case the in built one does not work and there’s both a report and request feature for when a channel doesn’t work or you want to try and get one added. In fact some of the channels are actually taken from the same site MobiTV gets there’s although considering there’s a bunch of working Sky channels including a few movie channels which you’d usually have to pay for. No old movies to watch but still worth trying if you’re not at home.


VINTERA.TV is easily the worst so far even if its technically usable unlike the ones that need a phone. Once again it doesn’t state it doesn’t have any english channels but it is also totally filled with ad spam with retarded subscriptions and TV packages far worse than even legimate TV providers like Sky would try to sell you. I wish this was just deleted for the store.


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